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10 Useful Tips for Google Docs Users

by tenderpuls

There are many tips that can make your use of Google Documents, or Google Docs for short, a service developed by Google where users can create text files for free.

There are dozens of different paid and free software you can use to create a text file, a written document. They all have pros and cons but Google Documents or simply Google Docs service It should be said that it surpasses other software at many points. The most striking aspect is that you can only use it online without the need to download any software on your device.

Google Docs Of course, the online use of the service brings many different advantages. However, this is not the subject of our article. Google Docs tips. If you have never used it before, it may seem pointless to be faced with a white screen. We have explained the most useful tips for beginners, long-time users, but writers, to make them use Google Docs much more efficiently.

10 Google Docs tips to make your job easier:

  • Add images from different sources.
  • Always keep an eye on the word count.
  • Use the voice typing feature.
  • Paste the copied text in the format you specified.
  • Share your file via link.
  • Quickly undo changes you’ve made.
  • Customize Google Docs dictionary.
  • Download your file in different formats.
  • Add link to your file and search.
  • Explore Google Docs add-ons.

Add images from different sources:

Google Docs Although it is a document preparation service, what they will do is not limited to this. Add When you expand the tab, you will see dozens of different attachment formats that you can add to your file. On Google Drive, on your computer or You can add images from anywhere in the internet world to your Google Docs file. You can also customize your file with different attachments such as drawings, tables, footnotes, columns and rows to make it unique.

Always keep an eye on the word count:

google docs word count

If you were previously preparing your text files on Microsoft Word word count in one corner of the screen you are used to seeing. However, the word count is not visible in Google Docs default settings. If you are satisfied with this situation and want to see the word count every now and then Ctrl + Shift + C You can use the key combination.

If you want the number of words to be always in front of your eyes Word Count on the page Show Word Count As You Type It will be enough to confirm the option. Feature to inactivate It is enough to remove the confirmation on the option again on the same page. You have complete control.

Use the voice typing feature:

google docs voice typing

Perhaps the most prominent feature of the Google Docs service voice typing feature to use Ctrl + Shift + S Just press the key combination. As long as the red microphone button is visible, you will see everything you say as text on Google Docs. To turn off the voice typing feature, just click the red microphone button. Here you can learn how to translate audio recording into text.

Paste the copied text in the format you specified:

google docs copy paste

When preparing a text file, you may be using dozens of different sources. When you copy some words or phrases you see here and paste them into your Google Docs file, the text will outside the format you specified sometimes it may even come with the link attached on it. Except for the classic copy – paste operation, to add the text you copied to your file in the format you specify. Ctrl + Shift + V You can use the key combination. Sometimes it can be a real life saver.

Share your file via the link:

share on google docs

Such as saving the document you created, adjusting the file size, checking whether the person to whom you send the file has the same software. forget about hard work. Google Docs file you prepared Share With the button, you can send it online to anyone you want. Even if you just add that person’s Gmail address instead of sending it will be enough. It is possible to set the person with whom you share the file to see only the file or edit it if you wish, on the same sharing screen.

Quickly undo your changes:

google docs version history

Minor changes made on text files Ctrl + Z Everyone knows that it will be undone with the key combination. So, how to undo the much more detailed changes made. The Google Docs file you made changes to File expand tab and Version History open the section. File from here to pre-editing versions You can access it or save it with a special name that you can add to your version with the last edits.

Customize Google Docs dictionary:

google docs dictionary

Google Docs service has a very advanced dictionary tool thanks to Google, but even if it is supported by Google Some problems with Turkish We can say that. The dictionary tool is very functional with warnings about misspelled words, but it can give unnecessary warnings in some words because it does not have full command of Turkish. By clicking on the word and adding it to the dictionary, you get rid of six unnecessary red-line words and customize the dictionary tool for yourself.

Download your file in different formats:

google docs file download

We have said that you can share the Google Docs text file you have prepared online with anyone you want, but if you need a different file format, you can solve it via Google Docs. Open the Google Docs file you want to download in a different format. File tab, then Download expand the menu. In front of you different file formats will be released. By choosing the format you want, you can download your file to your device in a short time in any format you want.

Add link to your file and search:

google docs link

Another feature that stands out so that you can use the Google Docs text file you have prepared as much more than a standard document is to add a link to the file. Copy any website link and select the word or phrase you want to include in your file. Ctrl + K Add link with key combination. With the same shortcut different links you have added to your file You also have the possibility to reach easily.

Explore Google Docs plugins:

google docs plugins

To put it simply, Google Docs plugins will get you from you. Additions on tab Get Attachment When you click the option, Google Workspace Marketplace will appear. Here you can find dozens of different plugins that you can use with Google Docs. In addition to add-ons that will make your Google Docs experience much more efficient frequently used applications in the business world You can also find add-ons that allow you to use it with Google Docs on the Google Workspace Marketplace page.

Free text file developed by Google, a document preparation service It will allow you to use Google Docs much more efficiently We shared the most useful tips. If there are different tips you know about Google Docs that are not on the list, you can share them in the comments.

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