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We Unlock iPhone Screen By Saying ‘Samsung’

by tenderpuls

Over a year in our lives new type of coronavirus outbreakAffects daily life negatively as well as in many areas. One of these negativities is the masks arise due to. Used to be comfortable and forget even fingerprints face recognition systems, does not work properly because of these masks.

This is the common problem of iPhone users, especially. Of course, To Face ID There are other ways you can use it as an alternative. One of them is that you can record and use your voice to touch, swipe, type or do other things. With voice Audit feature.

We unlocked the iPhone by saying ‘Samsung’:

Voice Control feature, which you can activate from the ‘Settings’ section of your device, allows you to use the operations you normally do by touching. to do it with voice allows. For this, you need to assign the command related to the operation and dictate it by voice. In addition, you can use this feature not only for screen lock, but also for many operations such as taking screenshots.

In the example above, with the Voice Control feature iPhone screen unlock We tried to open it. While some of the tests we conducted with different words gave positive results, we found that long sentences were not perceived by the phone. The reason for this is that the dictation feature Not having Turkish language support.

This was all we had to convey about the Voice Control feature on iPhones. To learn more about the subject, from above. can watch our videoYou can follow our website and YouTube channel to reach more content like this.

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