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Twitter Announces Super Tracking Feature

by tenderpuls

Twitter has finally announced the monthly subscription-based “Super Tracking” feature that has been spoken for a while. With Super Tracking, users will be able to subscribe to Twitter accounts for which they like their content and want to access their “special” content for a monthly fee.

Popular social media platform that made an investor presentation last night twitter, the future of which has been spoken for a while “Super Pursuit” finally announced its feature. With the Super Tracking feature, which will be a Twitch-like “content producer subscription” system, users will be able to subscribe to content producers whose content they like and want to support, and access their subscriber-exclusive posts, lists or videos.

It has been spoken for a while that Twitter is working on a new model that will provide revenue for the company other than advertising, and that the most prominent model in this regard is “subscription”. Nevertheless, Twitter users or investors of the Super Tracking feature they dream of Whether there is such a model is enigmatic.

Twitter users will be able to create content exclusive to their super followers

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, in his presentation to investors, “Why don’t we start from why people don’t believe us?” started in the form and “There are three criticisms: we are slow, we are not innovative and we are not reliable” used the expressions. We can say that this determination is correct in general, but Süper Takip’s Twitter is more an innovative platform Whether or not to do it is up to you.

Existing creators on Twitter were turning to third-party platforms such as Patreon, Substack, and OnlyFans to monetize these content. Twitter content producers with Super Tracking feature special content for subscribers they will be able to produce. Thus, a new source of income will be created for both Twitter and content producers. Still, Twitter hasn’t mentioned how to share subscription fees with creators with a percentage.

Clubhouse-like feature coming from Twitter: Twitter Spaces

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Twitter Started Testing Voice Direct Message Feature in 3 Different Countries

Twitter made a statement regarding its new feature, “Super Tracking will enable content producers and publishers to be directly supported by their followers and will encourage their followers to create content they loveused the expressions. Although the Super Tracking feature is currently not available, Twitter stated that it will share more information about the new feature in the coming months.

Twitter will make it possible for content producers to offer free or paid newsletters to their followers during the presentation.Revue“And a Clubhouse-like voice chat-focused feature”Twitter SpacesAlso announced. Both features are still in closed beta and are not available to Twitter users.

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