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Third Party SSD Support Coming to PlayStation 5

by tenderpuls

It turned out that Sony is working on a new software update. According to the information that Bloomberg has confirmed, the company plans to unlock the console’s fan speed. This is because the company will allow the use of third-party M.2 SSDs in the near future.

Japan-based technology giant Sony PlayStation 5 It turned out that they have new plans that will delight the players. According to a report in Bloomberg, the company is currently working on a new software update for PlayStation 5, and this software updateThe PlayStation 5 will increase the operating speed of the 120-millimeter fan. So why is Sony trying to do something like this?

Sony, PlayStation 5 825 GB capacity it uses an SSD. Only 667 GB of this SSD can be used for games. The company has not announced any third-party M.2 SSD support to date. Aiming to change this situation, Sony after preparing the software update third party M.2 SSD support aims to offer gamers the ability to expand the storage space, as well as prevent the console from overheating.

PlayStation 5’s fan will be optimized according to the temperature of the console

As a matter of fact, Sony has already said that it has been working on the fan in the past months. In the explanations made, with software updates, fan performance can be increased and the fan optimize byIt was stated that it can work according to the console temperature. Reaching a Sony spokesperson on the subject, Bloomberg said that these studies have been announced before, and that work on both the M.2 SSD and the fan continues. managed to verify. According to estimates, the software update that will provide M.2 SSD support will be available in the summer.


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Sony has offered great convenience at the point of design for users who want to expand the storage space of their consoles. If a user wishes, by removing the side cover of the PS5, he bought It will be able to mount the M.2 SSD to the PlayStation 5 in a matter of seconds. The software update that unlocks the fan speed and provides optimization will also lead to the extra SSD your extra warmth will have prevented it. In this way, gamers will have stored more games on their consoles without any performance loss.

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