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Sony Announces PlayStation Plus Free Games for March

by tenderpuls

Sony has announced games that PlayStation Plus subscribers can play for free in March. According to the statements made by Sony, 3 of the games that will be free as of March 2 is a production developed for PlayStation 4 and 1 for PlayStation 5.

Presented by Japan-based technology giant Sony for PlayStation owners “PlayStation PlusThe biggest advantage of the paid subscription package named “” is that it offers some games free of charge every month. Thus, players have the opportunity to play different games every month without any payment. The company now offers PlayStation Plus subscribers. In march explained which games they can access for free.

Here PlayStation owners who subscribe to the PlayStation Plus package, in which we explain how to subscribe in our article, which you can reach using the link found, 4 game They will be able to play for free. One of these games is directly PlayStation 5 While it was a game developed for the game, other games appeared as PlayStation 4 games. Let’s take a closer look at these games together.

PlayStation Plus package March games are as follows

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Popular game from Square Enix Final Fantasy VII Remakewill be available for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers in March. Set in a fantasy world, this RPG game has caught the attention of many console gamers until today, and now PlayStation Plus subscribers can also play with it. they had the opportunity to meet.

Remnant: From the Ashes

Remnant: From the Ashes

Released in 2019, Remnant: From the Ashes offers players an immersive third-person shooter experience. Surviving on earth from the last people The only goal in this game, in which we play one of them, is to destroy the creatures that invade the Earth. By the critics of the game almost that you got full marks Let’s also specify.

Maquette (For PlayStation 5 only)


Maquette is a game that will be released on March 2 and can be played by both PlayStation 5 and PC owners. Although not in terms of graphics quality, this game will attract attention with the quality of its drawings. puzzles we will try to solve it. The game will be offered free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, unfortunately PlayStation 5 onlywill be played in.

Farpoint (PS VR game)


Farpoint is one of the games that will be offered free of charge to PlayStation Plus subscribers in March. Quite quality graphics The game will provide a unique space war experience with PS VR equipment.


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According to the statements made by Sony, PlayStation Plus free games for March, March 2 will be accessible as of date. You will be able to add the games we mentioned to your library throughout the month after they are made available.

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