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Netflix Turkey New Series and Movies

by tenderpuls

Netflix has announced its series and movies to be released in March. According to the statements made, users will meet with remarkable productions such as Formula 1: Drive to Survive and Kağıttan Hayatlar in March.

Netflix, the world’s most popular online TV series and movie platform, will publish in march announced its contents. According to Netflix’s statements, subscribers will have the opportunity to meet at least three original Netflix series and two original movies next month. Probably the most talked about content of the month, “Formula 1: Drive to Survive” it will be.

The content that Netflix will broadcast in March will not only consist of TV series and movies. Platform, next month 2 new documentaries and 2 new licensed content will also offer to the liking of users. So what’s on Netflix in March?

March 2021 – new TV series and movie list on Netflix:

  • Netflix TV shows:
    • The One (March 12)
    • Formula 1: Drive to Survive (March 19)
    • Sky Rojo (March 19)
    • The Irregulars (March 26)
  • Netflix movies:
    • Paper Lives (March 12)
    • Yes Day (March 12)

Netflix Original TV series

The One (March 12)

The series, which will be better known as “True Love”, is a the scientist focuses on his story. Discovering the way to find the perfect match and love, the scientist will establish a new matchmaking service with his team. However, things will not go as planned.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive (March 19)

Formula 1: Drive to Survive, which has won the admiration of Formula 1 enthusiasts with its previous seasons and looks more like a documentary than a series, will meet with Netflix subscribers in March with its newest season. Formula 1 2020 championship The series will tell about what the pilots have experienced in the past year.

Sky Rojo (March 19)

Sky Rojo, La Casa de Papel It appeared as the newest series of its producers. The series, which tells about the escape of three women, seems to be one of the remarkable Netflix productions of March.

The Irregulars (March 26)

The Irregulars, 19th century Netflix subscribers Londonwill take you to. Dr. The new series, which will tell about the adventures of Watson and Sherlock Holmes, will chase supernatural events.

Netflix Originals

Paper Lives (March 12)

The movie named Paper Life, which will be released on 12 March, Cagatay UlusoyIt will appear as a Turkish movie starring. The film, in which the story of a garbage collector named Mehmet is told, is in the first plans “Impasse of StruggleHowever, this name was recently changed to Paper Lives.

Yes Day (March 12)

Yes Day will air on March 12 as a family movie. Parents say more no to their children. The family, realizing this, even for a day, they decide to say yes and they fulfill his every wish. This movie is about the day called yes.

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