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Microsoft Announces Site Building Service for Business

by tenderpuls

With its Digital Marketing Center service announced today, Microsoft will allow small businesses to create a completely free website. The website will be created easily and business owners will also be offered a variety of tools.

Nowadays, if you are a small business owner, the internet becomes your biggest tool to get your name heard. But until now, small business owners who wanted to set up sites had few options. If today Competitor to WordPress and Facebook A new website creation service was announced.

Today, Microsoft is the internet creation service that focuses specifically on small businesses. Digital Marketing Center announced. Completely free With the new service, which has been announced to be built, it is aimed that small businesses save both time and money. In addition, business owners are offered the opportunity to transfer website information directly from Facebook pages or from the advertising campaigns in effect.

The site can be created simply:

Stating that 36% of small businesses do not have a website, Microsoft today More than 80% of consumers check the business website before shopping stated. The company, which demonstrates the importance of the website with these data, will provide free service to every business registered with the Digital Marketing Center.

After registration, the business owner will be able to specify any URL address he wishes to access the website. In addition, the appearance of the website can be easily created by the business owner with simple explanations. After the site is made ready “Publish” will be available to users with the option.

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A business owner who creates the website requires a whether to participate in the advertising campaign can also decide. In case of participating in the advertising campaign, data such as how many times the ad was viewed, how many clicks it received and how many users it brought will be shown to the business owners.

The last platform to help small businesses get their hands on the Internet was created by Facebook. Company, Facebook Shops He enabled business owners to create an online store with the service he named. With Microsoft’s new service, small business owners have a new platform to make their name known.

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