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Iconic Alien of Alien Movie Arrives in Fortnite [Video]

by tenderpuls

Epic Games has announced new content coming to Fortnite. With this content, players will be able to hunt Xenomorphs, known as the iconic alien creature of the Alien movie. In addition, an item package called Space Equipment will offer players a few innovations.

One of the popular survival games of recent years FortniteA new content has arrived at. Inspired by the science fiction movie “Aliens vs. Predator”, the package brings Ripley and Xenomorph to the game. Also with this content “Space EquipmentAn item pack named “” is also included in the game. This pack includes a special pickaxe, a new glider and a in-game emoticon takes place.

Epic Games is doing its best to make Fortnite reach more players and the latest content update, science fiction Looks like it will attract the attention of fans. Publishing a promotional video about the content he prepared Epic Gamesreveals what the update has to offer players.

Poster for Fornite’s new content

The promotional video published by Epic Games reveals that the players will start the alien hunt with this content. In this context, the players, Xenomorph hunt they will be able to start.

Introductory video for Fortnite’s Alien items

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