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Episode 8 of WandaVision Released

by tenderpuls

In the 8th episode of WandaVision, which started broadcasting in the past months, there were many important scenes about the shocking story of the series. The traumatic memories of Wanda were also featured in the new episode.

The sit-com style that Marvel fans have long dreamed of WandaVision series had started broadcasting on Disney + in recent months. The production, which is directly linked to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), has achieved high scores from many authorities and viewers with its episodes that have been aired so far.

The production, which will consist of 9 episodes in total, is published today. Chapter 8 The background story, which fans have been wondering about for a long time, was discussed. In the published episode of Wanda’s Marvel Cinematic Universe strongest character There were some traumatic memories that led to it happening. Before moving on to this part, let’s state that the rest of the article contains spoilers.

What happened in WandaVision episode 8? (Includes spoiler!)

The mysteries of WandaVision are finally revealed in Episode 8, which is full of Marvel Comics references, and Agatha Harkness stands out as the true villain of the show. What is described in the episode reveals the background of Wanda Maxiomff on the MCU, revealing long-hidden truths while re-meaning the entire MCU history.

At this point, throughout the episode, his family died in a bomb explosion in Sokovia, imprisoned after joining an anti-freedom terrorist organization, and the murder of his brother Pietro. Of wanda trauma your memories We see. This reveals that it’s not just Vision’s death that causes all this pain.

In the department also Agatha Of Harkness We see its origin, its strength, and what it has done in the past. However, it was not Mephisto, Nightmare or Agatha that created Hex. Of wanda We learn that it is itself.


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As a result, the last episode before the finale provides a broad summary of what has happened so far and the background story. The production, written by Jac Schaeffer and directed by Matt Shakman, is currently Disney + can be watched over.

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