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5 Features That Are Not Available In Any Browser Other Than Tor Browser

by tenderpuls

Nowadays, when we are talking about our virtual privacy, we have started to talk about services such as Tor Browser that make the user almost invisible. If you are one of those who care about your privacy in the digital world, you may be more comfortable connecting to the internet with Tor Browser, even if not completely.

When much more secret points of the internet world, called Deep Web, are mentioned, Tor Browser also from the internet browser is mentioned. Actually Tor Browser It is not a web browser specifically designed for any illegal business. It has such a reputation only because it offers extremely high privacy and is often used by malicious people for privacy purposes.

Well this What does Tor Browser do And if you’re lucky, you can go online like a ghost from even North Korea? In fact, the logic of the powerful privacy features offered by this internet browser is quite simple; hiding the source. Maybe all internet browsers can do it if they want, but for now, only without using any additional applications. Tor Browser There are privacy features that you can access via.

In short, what is Tor Browser?

Tor Browser, which stands for The Onion Routing, and that it offers its users complete privacy is an internet browser that claims to be. It is known that the browser used by users in countries with strict prohibitions to connect to the Internet is also used for many illegal online businesses.

Privacy features you won’t find outside of Tor Browser:

  • Even if it is slow from time to time, almost all websites are opened,
  • No past record is ever kept,
  • Cookies are not cached.
  • Since you connect to each site with a different route, it becomes difficult to get hacked,
  • No website will recognize you.

Almost all websites open, even if it’s slow at times:


To any website via any internet browser when you want to connect Your DNS server sends a request to the server of the website you want to connect to via your IP address. When this request is accepted, the information “The user registered to the IP address … has connected to the internet site … through the DNS server” is clearly recorded and the website is opened.

Whenever you want to connect to any website via Tor Browser, this request is made with Tor Browser. by at least 5 of the more than 4,000 servers working on a voluntary basis. sent. These servers may be located in different parts of the world. The request is transferred between servers before it reaches its destination. Thus, the source is completely hidden, but the speed of the website loading will be slower due to such a long traffic. For this reason, Tor Browser users are recommended at least 20 Mbps internet speed.

Your history is not recorded:

internet history

All internet browsers save browsing history. You can temporarily stop or limit this recording, but you can still you cannot completely avoid the past browsing record. Tor Browser certainly does not keep such a record. You can think of it as constantly connecting to the internet via an enhanced Incognito Tab. This is a simple but effective method in terms of privacy.

Your cookies are not cached:

internet cookie

Internet browsers save cookies as well as past browsing log. Cookies, the websites you browse For easier and faster opening next time are recorded data. This data can sometimes include your password, username or even your payment information.

On the Settings page of a normal internet browser, you can choose the cookie data to be cached or stop it temporarily. However, the browser will still display this data for a short time. If Tor Browser ignores this data completely. The fact that cookies are not saved is also a reason that slows down the opening of websites.

Since you connect to each site with a different route, it becomes difficult to get hacked:

Tor Browser

You can change the IP address and DNS servers. However, the route is determined by a hacker who has a little understanding of these things and the source can be found. Tor Browser is already routing a connection through at least 5 different servers. As if this wasn’t enough for every goal It sets a different route with different servers. In other words, the connection route you use for website X and website Y is never the same during any connection.

No website will recognize you:

Tor Browser

You can think of the internet as a single pool divided into different sections. Even though there are separate sections, since it is a single pool, the drop of blood at one point of the pool is It can attract the shark. Tor Browser is exactly what makes that drop of blood disappear without attracting anyone.

In other words, you will not see information about a purchase you make with Tor Browser in the ad that appears later on another website. Tor Browser as it does not save any data For every website you connect to, you become a new user at every connection. Thus, the possibility of internet sites to recognize you and introduce you to each other is almost eliminated.

Things to watch out for Tor Browser:

Tor Browser

We can say that it is almost unique for the privacy features offered by Tor Browser. Because in order to reach such a privacy in other internet browsers, either change over dozens of settings or strengthen your privacy yourself with different add-ons and applications.

No matter how hard Tor Browser tries to hide your data, the internet world is never a completely safe place. Therefore by relying on Tor Browser Do not login to sites that would not be possible or share any of your personal data in places you do not trust. Because a successful hacker will surely get the data he wants.

So is Tor Browser itself safe? Tor Browser, It is an open source Mozilla Firefox clone. It can even be used with an add-on to Mozilla Firefox. At this point, we need to start questioning. It protects our data from third parties, but does it keep it from itself, or does it separate it into little by little?

The fact that it is open source gives us some relief in this regard. So experts who want to take a look and see what happens, but still What open source software we have seen One cannot hesitate to say. As a user, never let go of your guard and neither visit unsafe sites nor share data on unsafe sites.

You will not find easily in other internet browsers other than Tor Browser. privacy features and we explained the points you need to pay attention to about the scanner. The internet has never been a completely safe place, so the more attention you pay, the better.

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