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+18 trailer of Mortal Kombat movie breaks watch records

by tenderpuls

The first red-banded trailer for the new Mortal Kombat movie, which is prepared to appear before the audience in April, was released recently. The trailer became the most watched red-banded trailer of all time, with 166 million views in just one week.

Undoubtedly, it is among the most anticipated productions of the last period. Mortal Kombat’s new movie there is. The excitement has increased more and more, just days before the release of the production, which is prepared to appear in front of the audience on April 16.

Of course, this excitement escalated in the past weeks, the impressive images from the film and the last released on February 18 breathtaking trailer also has an effect. While many characters we anticipate with curiosity blink at us in the published trailer, at the same time, the scenes that will meet the scenery that comes to life in front of our eyes when we say Mortal Kombat attract attention. Naturally, these landscapes put the trailer in the class of ‘red banded’ trailers that appeal to the +18 audience.

The trailer has more than 166 million views in one week:

The trailer, which everyone is looking forward to and containing lots of ‘Mortal Kombat violence’, is already a week after its release. With over 166 million views broke a record. Mortal Kombat, which broke this record for movies like Deadpool 2 and Logan in the past, became the most watched red-banded trailer of all time. The red band is a mark placed on films and their trailers that contain high levels of blood, violence, sexuality, and these trailers are considered suitable for +18.

With the record it broke, the trailer has managed to take its place in the trends for a week on YouTube and Twitter. The feedback from the audience is that the trailer ‘very impressive‘is that.


Rambo’s Character Trailer Making Mortal Kombat 11 Blushing Released (18+)

Sub-Zero, Mileena, Liu Kang and many more:

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