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Okan Bayülgen to be Tried for Imprisonment

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The investigation against Okan Bayülgen, who allegedly called Youtuber Muhammet Çumanoğlu “an idiot”, was completed. Bayülgen will be tried with a request of imprisonment from 2 to 4 years.

Youtuber Muhammet CumanogluAbout 1 year ago, he released a video of his own on the television show “Sleepless Club” and said, “IdiotHe claims he said Okan Bayulgen filed a criminal complaint against him and an investigation was initiated against Bayülgen.

Çumanoğlu’s lawyer, regarding the criminal complaint filed against Bayülgen, “This program was broadcast on its regular time as well as on the program’s YouTube channel. This situation is who plans to open a business in this field In addition to offending the client, he left him in a very difficult situation. used the expressions.

Okan Bayülgen will appear before the judge


Okan Bayülgen, Calling Turkish YouTuber Retarded, Speaks

In his statement on the subject, Bayülgen said, “During the program, I made a description of the people who shot similar videos by Muhammet Çumanoğlu. Commenting on emotional relationships and love on social media, I used the phrase ‘retarded’ about people who are making judgments. It will be understood from the broadcast stream of the program that this statement is not related to the client. he spoke in the form.

As a result of the investigation, the prosecutor’s office admitted that Okan Bayülgen also used the ‘retarded’ sentence with insulting content, because the word in question was of a size that would damage personal rights’Insulting with a Voice Text or Video Message‘he is convinced that he committed his crime and about Bayülgen 2 years and 4 months imprisonment has prepared an indictment at his request. In the next stage, the famous entertainer will appear before the judge at the Istanbul Criminal Court of First Instance.

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