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Mobile Application Preventing Coronavirus Anxiety

by tenderpuls

Within the scope of the ‘COVID-19 and Society’ project run by Hacettepe University and supported by TÜBİTAK, a mobile application has been developed to help prevent the effects of the coronavirus epidemic on psychology. The application has been adapted to Turkish and put into use.

We often talk about the effects of the coronavirus epidemic on the economy and social life. However, even though it is not talked about a lot, effects on psychology and although not all of us feel it much, this effect is not an understatement.

Moreover, due to the pandemic, it has become much more difficult to receive face-to-face health services, which has badly affected the course. Hacettepe University Department of Psychology, which conducts studies in this context, is supported by TÜBİTAK.COVID-19 and Society‘an application within the scope of the project It adapted and developed it into Turkish and made it ready for use.

The app will help combat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and COVID-19 anxiety:

Academics from Hacettepe University have worked to ensure that the application has an effect on obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and anxiety, which are considered to increase with the coronavirus epidemic. Like a 38 level game Those who use the fictionalized application will receive support in this regard in a period of 12 – 13 days by passing an average of 3 levels every day.

Hacettepe University Psychology Department academic staff member Prof. Dr. Müjgan Inözü Mermerkaya, ‘Mental Health Studies on the COVID-19 Pandemic ” Regarding the application developed within the scope of his project titled, he said:

Can we bring a phone application that will help people to help themselves, can we get our people to use it? ”This was our main goal. We targeted 2 symptom groups in the project. We were expecting the anxiety about contaminating something to intensify, therefore We targeted OCD. We also developed the phone application that we aimed at ‘How can we alleviate COVID anxiety, concerns about COVID’. By helping these people to think healthier, we have introduced two phone applications aimed at better controlling and regulating their emotions.‘he used expressions.

The app deals with the dysfunctional thought structures that cause OCD and anxiety:


The application developed can cause anxiety and OCD by activating the emotional systems of the people according to the statements of Mermerkaya. targeting thoughts. Stating that there is a series of dysfunctional thinking structures that cause these feelings to increase, Mermerkaya situationI can easily get sick, if I get a disease I can’t deal with it, if something happens to one of my loved ones this is the end of the world for me‘deals with events that will alert all emotional systems and make them anxious. Through these practices, we can ‘handle the situation in a healthier, calmer and more realistic way’, ‘getting sick is a bad thing, but if I do, I can deal with it, I can find resources to deal with it, there are people around me to help me. ‘Bu is actually a preventable disease ‘, ‘At the point we call the pandemic, we are actually not in a process where we are not in control that much’, ‘we can learn ways to be protected from it and pass it into our lives’, we tried to show them.‘sums up with the words.


Citizens Will Follow Coronavirus Like ‘Weather’ In The Normalization Process

You can use the links below to download the GG Research app on your iOS and Android devices:

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