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Basketball matches will be broadcast live on Twitch

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Publishing a statement on its official website, FIBA ​​announced that it is the first international federation to cooperate with Twitch. According to the statement, FIBA ​​will broadcast 600 hours of basketball games a year on Twitch.

The coronavirus epidemic, which has been in effect since the beginning of 2020, forced the whole world to close to their homes. With people closing to their homes, there was a record increase in internet usage and digital broadcasting platforms stands out we had a year. Aware that with the increase of internet use, people are turning to new entertainment tools FIBAmade an announcement that would please many.

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) announced that it is collaborating with Twitch, one of the world’s most popular online live streaming platforms. Under this agreement TwitchFIBA, the first international federation to start live broadcasts in Women’s European Leaguei and 3 × 3 basketball matches He stated that many organizations, including him, will be broadcast on Twitch.

FIBA will broadcast 600 hours of basketball games a year on Twitch


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FIBA will broadcast live not only big events but also some tournaments in the youth category on Twitch. In the statement made on the subject, about FIBA’s Twitch channel per year 600 hours of live basketball game It was transferred to be published.

Expressing his satisfaction about their cooperation with Twitch, FIBA ​​Secretary General Andreas Zagklis. “We will offer basketball interactively to more fans and strengthen our goal of expanding our family.” He spoke in the form. In the statement published on the official website of FIBA, In the spring of 2021 announced that it would begin.

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