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Application where you can get a greeting from celebrities: Popile

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A local initiative called Popile enables people to receive congratulatory messages from celebrities for themselves or their loved ones. Moreover, some of the fees paid for the videos are donated to selected non-governmental organizations.

Until the mid-2000s, people who were defined as “famous” were the ones we encountered on TVs, newspapers or magazines and we could not communicate in any way. However, the internet and especially social media have completely changed this situation. From where you sit, thanks to social media platforms You can send your message to any celebrity you want. But still the real sensation happens when celebrities send you messages.

Popile It offers an opportunity for interaction between celebrities and their fans. But the difference Popile has made is that fans are not about celebrities, but rather celebrities sending messages to fans. Moreover, during this message “exchange”, both the celebrities sending the message and the fans receiving the message can donate to non-governmental organizations.

How to use popile?

First Popile’s to website and select the celebrity you want to send a message to you or your loved one. You then pay to request a video from that celebrity. Celebrity selected after payment, Prepares the video in 7 days and invoices and other developments regarding the request are forwarded to the requester via e-mail.

When the video is ready, both an SMS and an e-mail are sent to the requester. Moreover, the person requesting the video after the order is completed, it also chooses the non-governmental organization to which part of the payment will be donated. In the event that the video cannot be prepared, the fee paid is returned within 5 to 7 days.


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Popile, developed and run by Kemal Tepret, Mete Acar, İsmet Berkay Çelik, Ertuğrul Uçar and Oğulcan Tümdoğan, was put into service in December 2020 and according to the information announced, the team did not use any ready-made infrastructure during the development phase. Right now Congratulatory message videos from 17 different celebrities Popile, where it is possible to buy, aims to expand its portfolio in the future.

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