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Pele’s Story on Netflix Screens

by tenderpuls

The story of Brazilian football and, according to many, the world’s biggest football star, Pele, came to the Netflix screens. Thanks to the documentary, we can witness the career of the football legend step by step.

Being a champion, being a great athlete is a matter of character as well as skill and talent. Leadership, self-confidence, not giving up Character traits like this are what sets the difference between a talented player and a champion.

Perhaps the biggest champion of Brazil Is pele. Although in our country The Crownless King Although the title is identified with Metin Oktay, Brazilian Pele is the holder of this title worldwide. The documentary “Pele”, which tells about the legendary football player’s career and its importance for Brazil, took its place on Netflix screens.

The man who took the World Cup home

Today, the biggest competition of football at the level of national teams is the World Cup. The cup was originally organized as the Jules Rimet Cup, and the team that won the 3-time championship would also be the final winner of the cup. In 1958, 1962 and 1970 The final winner of the 3-time championship was also the star of the team, Pele.

From Pele’s title of King Without Crown in the documentary when he played football His life, from his present life to the impact of his time on Brazil, are touched upon. The link between Pele and Brazil is also revealed more clearly in this documentary.


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Of south america Wars of independence, coups, internal turmoil, dreams of transforming into a modern country have always been intertwined with football. This is the case for Argentina as well as for other countries. Pele say Brazilian idol had become.

Pele’s country



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As mentioned in the documentary, many people Brazil He knew it as Pele’s country at that time. The air in the country 1964 coup In the documentary that focuses on Pele’s football career, we also see the troubles faced by his destruction by the company.

To Simon Cuper attributed to “Football is never just football“The documentary that lives up to its word sheds light on not only a football legend, but also the life of the period and even the internal dynamics of Brazil. Netflix, on the other hand. Formula 1: Drive to Survive and adds another to successful sports documentaries like The Last Dance.

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