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A Site To Show If You Can Differentiate Hi-Fi Quality

by tenderpuls

A test called Digital Feed ABX reveals whether you can distinguish between Hi-Fi sounds and standard compressed sounds with a short exercise. So you can see if you can detect that level of quality before paying for Spotify Hi-Fi.

For a lossless sound quality for many “quality lovers” Tidal or Deezer prefers online music services such as. Spotify, the world’s most popular online music service, is available until the end of the year to subscribe audiophiles. Spotify Hi-Fi that your service will go live announced.

Under normal circumstances, Spotify downloads audio files in compressed form to the device to optimize data usage and decodes them in the application on the device, enabling users to listen to music. Although this method prevents the exploitation of mobile internet quota by Spotify, the compression process, some loss in sound quality causes.

Before you subscribe to Spotify Hi-Fi, check if you can distinguish between Hi-Fi sounds

Spotify, mobile app 320 KbpsIn the web version, it can broadcast 256 Kbps. Although the decrease in sound quality is obvious in audio files compressed at low bitrates, here is the It is not possible for every ear to notice the loss of sound.

Digital Feed ABX Before you pay for Spotify Hi-Fi, a test called tests whether your ear can distinguish between lossless audio and 320 Kbps audio. Therefore, using this test, Spotify’s standard You can compare premium subscription with Hi-Fi subscription can be said. Let’s see if your ear is as sensitive to Hi-Fi quality as you.

sound quality test

During the test, Digital Feed ABX makes you listen to 5 different songs with A, X and B options. The goal is to determine whether the sound quality in option X is the same as option A or option B. You can rewind or forward 5 seconds by rewinding the song as you wish. Also by clicking the A, X or B buttons You can also listen to the song comparatively. When you make your decision, you can click on one of the X = A or X = B options and click on the “Next” button at the bottom to move on to the next song.

When you match all five songs, you will see a short result screen and you can see if you should choose Spotify Hi-Fi subscription instead of Spotify Premium by looking at this screen. After all, we do not all have the same sensitivity to sounds, and although this is hard to admit some of us cannot distinguish between Hi-Fi sound and standard sound.

test result

Honestly, when I ran the test myself, I had a hard time distinguishing between lossless audio and compressed audio. Of course, the headset (Sennheiser HD 4.40) I use also has an effect on this. Not only did I feel a difference during the test, but only I don’t reach 56 percent accuracy I can say that my ears do not support Hi-Fi (!) and Spotify Premium is at least enough for me.

So what do you think between lossless audio and compressed audio? How much could you tell the difference? You can share your results with us in the comments section.

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