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What is Online PowerPoint and How to Use It?

by tenderpuls

You can use Microsoft PowerPoint, one of the most popular Microsoft Office programs, online for free. We explained in detail what you need to know about Online PowerPoint, the differences between them and how you can use them.

Students, managers, white-collar workers, and anyone else you can think of prepares presentations several times or regularly at one time in their life. Preparing a presentation is a serious matter because the more impressive the presentation, the better your chances of success. For this reason, many users prepare presentations with PowerPoint, one of the Microsoft Office programs for many years.

PowerPoint is a paid program offered to users within the Microsoft 360 package. However, Microsoft also has an online Office service that you can use free of charge. Within this service online PowerPoint there are also. You can use the online PowerPoint service for free. as well as you can use it online on any device without any installation. Let’s look into the details soon.

What is Online PowerPoint?

Online PowerPoint, It is a Microsoft service that allows you to use PowerPoint, one of the popular Microsoft Office presentation programs, online for free and on any device. One of the Microsoft Online Office services To use PowerPoint online you only need an internet connection and a Microsoft account.

How to use Online PowerPoint?

  • Step # 1: Open the Online Office website from here.
  • Step # 2: Sign in with your Microsoft account information.
    • If you don’t have a Microsoft account, create one.
  • Step # 3: Click the PowerPoint button in the program column on the left.
  • Step # 4: Click New Blank Presentation to create a new PowerPoint presentation file.
  • Step # 5: You can start using the online PowerPoint service as you wish.

online powerpoint

If you’re using PowerPoint online for the first time, you can get started by following the steps above. Upload and Open with the option installed on your device Download your PowerPoint files online You can open, edit and share as you wish. Your changes will be saved on OneDrive.

What are the differences between Online PowerPoint and PowerPoint we know?

online powerpoint

  • Online PowerPoint printing options are much more limited.
  • The Speaker Notes feature is less effective in online PowerPoint.
  • Guides and Rulers Not enough in online PowerPoint.
  • The grid alignment feature is quite common in online PowerPoint.
  • The view options in Online PowerPoint are quite limited.
  • Online PowerPoint for slide editing Normal View is your only option.
  • Presenter View is not available in PowerPoint online, you can only access Slide Show View.
  • Online PowerPoint does not support password protected PowerPoint files.
  • Font, paragraph editing, Adding drawings are the same.
  • Media, picture, table insertion procedures are the same.
  • Changing the presentation theme, editing slide size, background formatting are the same.
  • Transition, animation and format operations are the same.
  • SmartArt design editing operations are the same.
  • You can access your online PowerPoint files from anywhere, easily share them and add them to your site or blog.
  • You can share your files via online PowerPoint with other users by e-mail address or in different ways.
  • Online PowerPoint files you share to be edited or to view only you can set.
  • You can download online PowerPoint files as PDF or ODP to your devices.
  • Your online PowerPoint files are automatically saved to OneDrive, changes can be easily undone, easily opened in desktop PowerPoint.
  • Also on devices without Microsoft Office installed You can view PowerPoint files online.
  • You can also access ready-made presentation designs via online PowerPoint.
  • You can open all PowerPoint files in PowerPoint online.

When we examine the differences between online PowerPoint and desktop PowerPoint that all the basic features are exactly the same However, we see that some ease of use are limited in online service. The online PowerPoint service stands out for being free and easily accessible.

Is Online PowerPoint used?

microsoft 360

If you are using a Microsoft 360 subscription, do not cancel it because if you are used to the desktop version, the Online PowerPoint service It may not be enough at some points. However, by using both online and desktop versions together, you will avoid the trouble of carrying the files you have prepared with an external storage device.

With online PowerPoint almost as well as the desktop version perfect presentation files You can prepare. You cannot access some ease of use in the online service, but this will not create big obstacles for the user. Because almost all of the basic features are available in Online PowerPoint.

If you need to prepare regular presentation files for your business life, Online PowerPoint can be a problem in some cases. For example, 5 GB of storage space may not be enough Or you may not find the features you are used to in online service. However, if you are not the creator, but the reviewer, or if you think you will create a successful presentation file with only the basic features, Online PowerPoint is for you.

online powerpoint

The Online Office service looks pretty successful overall. It meets almost all Office needs of the standard user. Of course, some professional features It is worth repeating that it may be insufficient, but it is extremely useful for daily use.

The most important point of the online PowerPoint service is of course that it is free. Not just online PowerPoint, all Microsoft Online Office programs are free. For those who do not want to switch to Microsoft 360 subscription, who want to easily access their files online from different devices, those who want to share quickly and those who say that the basic features of online services are enough for me, online PowerPoint will be extremely useful.

What is Online PowerPoint, how to use it, What are the differences with desktop PowerPoint We answered the curious questions such as and explained the prominent features of the service. In addition to being free of charge, Online PowerPoint is a service that attracts attention with its availability from anywhere online.

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