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OPPO Announces Contactless Charging Technology [Video]

by tenderpuls

OPPO has announced the contactless charging technology it has developed for its upcoming wrap-around screen phone X 2021. The technology that makes use of magnetic resonance and can be used if the phone comes to a certain distance seems to be much different from Xiaomi’s similar technology.

OPPO, one of the popular technology manufacturers of recent years, has been “X 2021The company officially announces that the launch date of this phone is approaching, although the release date of the model, which has almost every detail surfaced via a video recently, because the company’s latest move on this phone is a new contactless charging technology became.

In a news we shared with you a while ago, we talked about Xiaomi’s contactless charging technology. This technology was provided with the help of an apparatus developed for contactless charging, it could charge Xiaomi’s devices within a certain area. OPPO came up with a similar technology. However, OPPO’s technology appears to be less advanced than Xiaomi’s.

OPPO’s non-contact charging technology does not eliminate all borders

To explain technology in the simplest way; When a user with the OPPO X 2021 model brings their phone closer to the contactless charging stand, they will see that their phone is automatically charged. However, when the area offered by this technology is exceeded, there will be no charging process. The technology, which makes use of magnetic resonance, seems not to be able to be used in large areas of coverage as it is in Xiaomi. However, a more detailed explanation is required on this issue.

OPPO, it is unknown how many watts its contactless charging technology supports. However, according to the Digital Chat Station, a popular leak source, this technology is designed to reach a maximum of 7.5 watts. To be honest, for a phone with a wrap-around screen, the 7.5-watt charging, even without contact, is not the kind of choice. However, the technology being so new will still affect some consumers.

Here are the promotional videos of OPPO for contactless charging technology.

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