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How to FUT Draft? – Comprehensive FIFA Transfer Guide

by tenderpuls

FIFA made one of the biggest comebacks in history in the 2010s, which once fell far behind in the rivalry with PES. Although one of the biggest reasons for this comeback is the changes they went to on the gameplay side, the contribution of the Ultimate Team mode is also quite big. We answer the questions of how to make FUT Draft, the heart of Ultimate Team, what should you pay attention to when setting up your squad.

Although FIFA has released very similar games in recent years, it has reached very high sales figures. On the one hand, while holding EA on the one hand, they also give money to the game every year. What makes up this irony is the FIFA Ultimate Team mode (teary eyes of career players) that EA Sports has been making for many years. FUT Draft hands tremble, hearts begin to beat faster.

Although it may seem easy to make FUT Draft from the outside, it is very easy to drown in a lot of details and not knowing what to do when you get into it. In order to help you at this point, we have prepared a guide that explains how to do FUT Draft and what you should pay attention to. Because football leather round Although it may seem like it is just about rolling into opponent goal nets, it turns out that after entering FUT, things are not that simple at all.

FUT Draft how to do

  • Step # 1: Click on “Play” and “FUT Draft” alternately from the FUT menu,
  • Step # 2: Choose one of the five sequences listed,
  • Step # 3: Choose your captain from the five players you encounter,
  • Step # 4: Choose a player from the options available by choosing each position.

Step # 1: After entering FUT, click the “Play” and “FUT Draft” buttons:

fifa menu

To create your squad that will keep your team alive throughout a long adventure, you first need to log in to the FUT Draft screen. Click on the buttons mentioned above and you will reach the relevant screen. Then directly to build your squad you will start.

Step # 2: Choose one of five sequences:

fut tactics

When you enter FUT Draft for the first time, the game will ask you to choose a tactic for your squad first. Be careful when choosing your lineup and imagine what kind of team you want to build. Will you play an offensive football or a defensive football that will cool your opponents from life? Make your lineup decision accordingly. Because this will be your default lineup and during your first four games you will not be able to change it.

Step # 3: Choose your team captain:

fut captains

After choosing your lineup, the game will bring you five important players. Here you will choose one of five players. The player you choose will be the captain of your team. So, again, consider how you will play football and make your choice accordingly. Of course, if you get a very good football player, the whole team You can also choose to shape it accordingly.

Step # 4: Fill the rest of your team:

fut squad

After choosing your captain, you have to fill your squad, which will total 23 people. To do this, you will first need to select one of the players you will encounter by clicking on each position one by one. Of course, the players listed at this stage are more than the players you encounter when choosing a captain. lower rated it will be. Now let’s look at some suggestions that will make your job easier as you set up the rest of your staff.

FIFA Ultimate Team squad building tips:

  • Tip # 1: When choosing a player, start each position from the wings first,
  • Tip # 2: Keep your team chemistry above all else,
  • Tip # 3: Choose a league in your mind,
  • Tip # 4: Stick to every icon you see,
  • Tip # 5: Practice FUT Draft.

When selecting a player, start each position on the wings first:

football team of the year

When creating your first squad, you need to select players by clicking on positions. At this stage you should follow the left or right wing first, then the inner position players and then the other winger. In this way, since you can choose the players playing in the inner position from a more specific staff, chemistry will be better. The reason we suggest this is that the number of ties between home position players is higher than the number of ties between outside position players.

Keep your team chemistry above all else:

fut team chemistry

One of the most important mechanics of FIFA Ultimate Team is undoubtedly team chemistry. Your team chemistry in your squad. from the links between the players you can understand. Red means players’ chemistry is bad, and green means good. Regardless of the ratings of the players you choose, there is no point in keeping a player whose chemistry does not match the team. Because as the chemistry decreases, the player also shows a hair-raising performance in the match.

So, how does the chemistry between the actors take shape? The first thing the game checks is that the two players citizen of the same country whether it is. Players who speak the same language get along better with each other. The next variable is the players in which league. The chemistry between the players playing in the same league is good. Don’t worry if you don’t get high chemistry while building your first squad. You can balance the chemistry with the players you earn from the packs opened over time or the transfers you make.

You have to spend a lot of time for all your squad to be made up of players from the same country. So your squad your mix to prepare It will allow you to get results more easily. It is easier to create a good team chemistry by using players of the same country in some positions and players of the same league in some positions.

Choose a league in your mind:

fifa leagues

To keep your team’s chemistry up, your first goal should be to use players from the same league. In this, let the leagues played by the first twenty-three players you choose are one of the determining factors. Another factor you should pay attention to is the number of high rated players. For example, there are many more high rated players in the English Premier League compared to the Russian Premier League.

After making the league selection, the number of decisions you have to make while creating a team will be greatly reduced. Even when you have a player worth hundreds of millions of dollars, you won’t have to worry about what to do with that player. If he is a player who does not play in the league of your choice, it will positively affect the chemistry of the team that plays in your league with the money you earn. multiple good transfers you will be able to.

When you see the icon player, stick it to the collar:

fut icon players

In FIFA Ultimate Team, the cards that every player would be most happy to see are icon type players. Because icon-type players have always been highly rated and popular ex-players and also have good chemistry with players of all kinds of leagues and all kinds of countries. For this reason too over high wages they are transferring. However, if you have a place on your staff, try using it first. Buy it if you’re sure it won’t do you any good.

Use a FUT Draft simulator to practice:

fut draft simulator

Yes, if you are new to Ultimate Team mode, you can get confused. Fortunately, there are simulators on the internet that allow you to make FUT Draft for trial purposes. In the game same as system By using it, you can both reinforce the knowledge of how to do FUT Draft, and you can see that it is easier to reach the result by applying the recommendations we have shared with you in our article. You can find one of the FUT Draft simulators on the internet here.

We come to the end of our FUT Draft guide here. We hope (though not possible) a stress-free Ultimate Team career you are sailing correctly. Although we do not ignore the success of the mod, we are offended by treating EA as a step-son to the career mode for years and shining Ultimate Team. You can also share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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