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Google Maps, “Dark Mode” Released on Android

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While it has been stated that the Google Maps dark mode option for Android will come since September 2020, a concrete step was taken today for the first time.

Google development team, Google Maps completed the dark mode tests of the application. It was stated that the update will be released within two days after the tests performed. Dark mode will not be the only Android update that Google will do at the same time.

The updates to be made on all devices with Android 9 and above include Android Auto update. Let’s see what else is in Google’s new Android updates:

Android Auto is renewed

Android AutoThanks to the screens that are divided into two, you will be able to use media control and navigation at the same time. However Android Auto iChinese new backgrounds and sound interactive surprises have also been added.

Especially games such as Jeopardy, which you can directly activate with voice, will be included in the updated Android Auto. Google, He notes that this is an update that will shorten the long journey and make it more fun for drivers.


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Android Password Control Feature Is Coming

Android Password Check

A new security control feature is being activated to prevent hackers from penetrating your passwords. Earlier ChromeFor your specially disclosed passwords activated in “security breachStating that Google has decided to move it to the Android environment.

Google will regularly check your passwords that you use on Android and will warn you “son run change your password” for any password violation. How secure Android makes you feel to keep track of your passwords, of course, is open to discussion.


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Other Android Updates

New Android Updates

Google’of new Android in update Talkback innovations are coming to the application. The lives of visually impaired or visually impaired people will become easier with a redesigned menu. Improved reading controls with more intuitive motion definition will also enter our lives with the new update.

Gmail’s scheduling feature will also appear with the new Android update. You will be able to send an e-mail with Gmail by holding down on a text you have written on your smartphone. Updates will also be made to features such as search, timer and alarm setting, and voice commands with the Google Assistant. It is stated that sound level adjustments can also be made with a small automation. So how did you find the new updates Google made for Android? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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