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A YouTuber’s AirPods Max Gift Prank [Video]

by tenderpuls

YouTuber named Juan Gonzalez released a joke video in which many of us will react completely. In the video, Gonzalez gifted his chosen victims with one Apple AirPods Max.

We have seen many times before, that YouTubers do sensational work and attract people’s “reaction” and record these moments as videos and broadcast them on their channels. But the YouTuber named Juan Gonzalez recently ThatWasEpic The video he posted on his YouTube channel can drive many of us mad even while watching.

“Cut people’s headphones and gift them AirPods Max” In the video titled, Gonzalez is doing exactly as it says in the title of the video and sneaking up to people who are sitting in his own way and listening to music with his headphones. He cuts the cord of his headphones or takes one of his wireless headphones and walks away.

After leaving the frame of the camera and walking away for a while, he went to the people with whom he cut off or bought his headphones and gave them a 5.699 TL Apple AirPods Max gifted Gonzalez, thus capturing the hearts (!) Of the people for whom their headphones are rendered unusable.

As we can guess from the smiling “ehe ehe” after the headsets of the “victims” in the video are cut off or taken away by someone, the video is mostly a it’s fiction. Because when you take a person’s belongings without permission or make them unusable, at least a “Brother, what’s wrong with you?” You will get a reaction.


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Nevertheless, Juan Gonzalez will have achieved his goal in the video he posted, so far Over 900 thousand watched case. If you are a YouTuber and are planning to shoot content like this, our warning is: The trial in Turkey!

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