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9 Bus Simulations That Will Make You Feel Like a Bus Driver

by tenderpuls

Almost everyone who likes to drive has a slight desire to drive a bus. There are some bus simulation games that make our dream of driving the buses we see and ride every day come true. In this content, we take a closer look at the legendary and relatively new bus simulation games.

Although bus simulation games are not as popular as truck simulation games, they are very enjoyable. bus simulation gameIs taking its place on PC and mobile platforms. There are still fans of this genre, which has been forgotten after a while, and we have seen an increase in bus simulation games on the mobile platform recently.

In this content; In addition to some bus simulation games that became legendary in the 2010s, mobile and PCWe also include relatively recently released bus simulation games. If you are ready, you will sit in the driver’s seat and start city tours together. to bus simulation games Let’s take a closer look.

10 Bus Simulations That Will Make You Feel Like A Bus Driver While Playing:

  • PC:
    • Bus Driver
    • OMSI 2: Steam Edition
    • Bus Simulator 18
    • Tourist Bus Simulator
    • Bus Driver Simulator
  • Mobile:
    • Bus Simulator: Ultimate
    • Heavy Bus Simulator
    • Coach Bus Simulator
    • World Bus Driving Simulator

  • Release year: 2007
  • Developer: SCS Software

The opening of our list is the legendary bus simulator game of the time, which is available on almost every computer of the period. Bus Driver we do with. Bus Driver, from the developers of the legendary Euro Truck Simulator series, is still considered one of the best bus simulation games today. Bus Driver, which has 12 real-life buses, has 30 different routes and 5 different difficulty levels.

For those looking for something more serious, OMSI 2: Steam Edition:

  • Release year: 2013
  • Developer: MR-Software GbR

Another legendary bus simulation game on our list OMSI 2With its Steam version, it is one of the best bus games still on PC. OMSI 2, one of the best simulation games in terms of city artificial intelligence and traffic rules, hosts many bus models of MAN. OMSI 2, where we can drive buses in popular European cities such as Munich, Paris and London, is one of the best bus simulations you can play on PC.

For those looking for a real simulation: Bus Simulator 18

  • Release year: 2018
  • Developer: stillalive studios

One of the most popular modern bus simulation games on Steam Bus Simulator 18offers us a very successful simulation and driving experience with its advanced graphics and artificial intelligence. In this game where there are many real buses from famous manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, IVECO, MAN and Setra; There are a total of 12 different regions such as cities, villages, ports and so on.

Another highlight of Bus Simulator 18 is freedom of modification is happening. Thanks to this feature, you can design and produce your own buses, routes, regions and even the bus company and its logo. Bus Simulator 18 is the best bus simulation game of recent times, even with passengers trying to escape who don’t pay for extra realism.

How much can you pretend to drive a bus? Tourist Bus Simulator

  • Release year: 2018
  • Developer: TML-Studios, PEDEPE

Both role play as well as a bus simulation Tourist Bus Simulatortakes us on a journey to a holiday island called Fuerteventura. Although Fuerteventura island is a perfect holiday paradise, its only shortcoming is the lack of a bus line. Of course, we will be the person who will set up this bus line. In areas where there are no correct asphalt roads, we make the first bus services, even if it is difficult. Tourist Bus Simulator, which includes many enjoyable additional packages, is a very comprehensive game that you can keep yourself busy, apart from bus driving.

Bus Driver Simulator, which stands out with city and bus models:

  • Release year: 2019
  • Developer: KishMish Games

Standing out especially for modeling old Soviet city buses Bus Driver SimulatorIt also hosts models of many popular buses used in Europe. You can earn money by completing certain scenarios in this game, which offers the opportunity to build a career in free mode. Bus Driver Simulator, where routes are created by modeling exactly from the photographs of cities, is a pleasant bus simulation where you can make virtual tours in popular cities of different countries.

Turkey reaches 100 million players, especially Bus Simulator: Ultimate

  • Release year: 2019
  • Developer: Zuuks Game

When it comes to bus simulation game, the first name that comes to mind on the mobile platform comes from our country. Bus Simulator: Ultimate is happening. Bus Simulator: Ultimate, which has become very popular especially during the 2020 pandemic period, has exceeded 100 million users as of today.

Russia, mainly from Turkey, Germany, Italy and many more buses in cities across the country in this game we try to establish our empire; There are many popular bus stations such as Esenler, Aşti and İzmir Intercity Bus Terminal. Bus Simulator: Ultimate, which is a highly detailed bus simulation, has realistic traffic with strong artificial intelligence.

  • Bus Simulator: Ultimate


  • Bus Simulator: Ultimate


Driving a bus on the streets of Brazil? Heavy Bus Simulator

  • Release year: 2017
  • Developer: DEHA

Is based in brazil Heavy Bus Simulatorinvites us on a bus ride through popular Brazilian cities. The biggest disadvantages of Heavy Bus Simulator, which has an acceptable physics system and very nice graphics, are that it does not contain too many bus models and different countries. More cities are expected to be added to Heavy Bus Simulator, which has a beautiful and detailed interior design.

  • Heavy Bus Simulator


Coach Bus Simulator where you can build and manage a bus fleet:

  • Release year: 2016
  • Developer: Ovidiu Pop

We can put aside the inner city routes and go on intercity bus trips. Coach Bus Simulatoris also a game where we can build a bus fleet. In this game that we travel through Europe step by step, there are elements that support the simulation experience such as weather conditions, day / night cycle, realistic visual damage and realistic traffic. Although it lacks a few, Coach Bus Simulator is one of the bus simulation games that you can enjoy on mobile.

  • Coach Bus Simulator


World Bus Driving Simulator, which has a big map according to mobile games:

  • Release year: 2019
  • Developer: Dynamic Games Ltda

Also a Brazilian based game World Bus Driving SimulatorThis time, it offers a world-class driving experience with popular Brazilian buses. In this game which is very powerful in terms of simulation; There are manual gear options, driver seat adjustment, different weather conditions, seasons, day / night cycle, radars, traffic fines and many more gameplay elements. World Bus Driver Simulator, which also has a large open world map, offers us some dangerous ways in which we can make challenges.

  • World Bus Driving Simulator


Both Turkey’s and Europe can take the bus in popular cities bus simulation games We have come to the end of our content listed. What do you think about the games on the list? Which game do you think is the best? Do not forget to share the bus simulation games that you enjoy playing that are not on the list with us in the comments section.

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