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11 Tactics for Valheim Beginners

by tenderpuls

We’ve put together the tactics that will make Valheim, the Viking-themed survival game, one of the fruits of Steam’s privileges to indie game makers, easier for everyone. You will also find out how many things were done during your adventure in Valheim.

We think it is okay to say that survival games are the most popular type of game today. The adventure that started with Minecraft has hosted many quality games over the years and now we have a new early access survival game at hand: Valheim. Combining the Viking theme with the survival genre, it has become a game that the whole world will love. ValheimIt debuted at the top of the top-selling games list for three weeks after it also debuted on Steam.

We said that since there is a game that is so popular and can be bought for 32 lira at a relatively affordable price compared to other games, why don’t we make a list of tactics that will make the job of every player easier. Thanks to the tactics in our article, hem start as well as during the next stages your job will be much easier. Let’s move on to the list of how to do many things without further ado.

Valheim tactics:

  • Stay away from the trees you cut down,
  • To make new items, first find the necessary materials for that item,
  • Collect lots of flint,
  • Eat to fill your soul and energy.
  • Make your first home as simple as possible,
  • Use the signs on your map,
  • Repair instead of producing new items,
  • Search the buildings you come across on the map,
  • Kill the first major enemy to produce Pickaxes,
  • Pay attention to your energy while swimming,
  • You can increase the weight you can carry.

Stay away from trees you cut down:

Like most survival games Also in Valheim One of the most valuable and most needed resources is wood. There are two ways to get wood. The first is to collect the branches we come across on the ground. The second is to smash the trees we see by hitting them with an ax. There is one thing to note here that we are not used to from most survival games. That is, the trees fall down before they fall apart.

When we are not used to the overturning mechanics, it can be difficult to predict that we will be damaged if the fallen tree falls on us. Far from doing damage, the trees respectable does a damage. That is why it is most logical to stay away when the trees we cut down start to fall to prevent our lives from falling while standing still in the already dangerous world of the game.

To make new items, first find the materials required for that item:


Valheim’s in-game guide is not very powerful. So for a few minutes with the ‘craft’ screen at the beginning You can look blankly. Because at the beginning, almost nothing happens on that screen and you can feel like you’re left in the middle because you don’t even know what item you need to move on to the next level.

To avoid such a situation, look for any collectible items you see on the map. Because only this way The items on the crafting screen will increase. Valheim says that you can craft that item only when you have the necessary collectibles for that item. It gives no information about what you can do before you have collectibles.

Collect lots of flint:

valheim flint

Flint is of great importance, especially in the early stages of the game. In order to cause good damage to creatures and animals, or to collect resources in nature more effectively, you need materials made of flint. Well the flint from where you can find?

To find the flint walking along the beach Approach the white-gray colored stones on the ground. When viewed from a distance, the flintstones look very much like stones, especially in the water, but when you approach, the color difference between them is obvious. In short, instantly stick to all white, stone-like materials you see.

Eat to fill your life and energy:

eat valheim

You may be surprised to see that you have to eat as a tactic while playing a survival game. However, in the case of Valheim, there is a different order of eating while speaking. There are three different types of food that can be eaten in Valheim. These main course and two different snacks You can think of it as.

You can find snacks like mushrooms while wandering in nature. The other two remaining food types are meat from large animals such as deer, and the other is the tails you get when you kill creatures on the water’s edge. Before consuming all the meat in the game you need to cook. If and only if you eat all three types at the same time, your soul and energy are completely filled.

Make your first home as simple as possible:

valheim house

While playing survival games, when the house is to be built, the contractor in all of us can appear and make us feel like we are playing municipalities. While playing Valheim, avoid this feeling as much as possible. Because in the early stages of the game, it is serious to strive for more than just a rooftop. waste of time. In the first stage, a roof, a ‘workbench’ and a hut where you can fit a bed is fine.

Use the markers on your map:

valheim map markers

Another thing Valheim never tells players is that we can mark up on the game map. This is especially important for later finding important resources on earth or places where we can loot. Because sometimes we do not have the right materials to collect resources or we have enough to loot. we may not have empty inventory slots. So definitely use the markers on the map.

Repair your expired item instead of producing new items:

valheim fix

Valheim, like other survival games, gives a lifetime to all the items we use for logging, hunting or fighting. You can see how much life they have left on the health bar visible under the items. Invisible thing is that you can fix these items. Better still, these items at no cost, without spending any resources you can fix. To do this, simply go to the ‘workbench’ and click on the repair icon.

Search the structures you come across on the map:

valheim buildings

Although not very often, you can discover abandoned huts, houses or structures while wandering on the map of Valheim. Most of them have chests that contain valuable resources such as gold. In some, you can collect resources such as bone that you will need in the future. skeleton enemies takes place. So never ignore the structures you come across while navigating the map.

To be able to dig, kill the first major enemy:

valheim eikthyr

There are ‘boss’ type enemies with special powers that we have to kill gradually in Valheim. If you haven’t met yet, don’t be afraid, these are not the enemies you might come across at a random moment while navigating the map. You have to call first. The war begins after your call.

Each great enemy has different advantages. However, Eikthyr, the first big enemy, arguably allows you to make the item you will need most throughout the game. Just use the pickaxe you need to gather valuable resources. After killing Eikthyr you can.

Let’s give a tip to kill Eikthyr. Do not go to war without making yourself a deerskin armor set and a bow. Because you have to attack Eikthyr from afar no matter how good armor you have. It does not allow you to go into close combat.

Watch your energy while swimming:

valheim sea

Although you can play for a long time without having to swim, you will wonder what happens in the deep waters of the sea after a while and you will want to enter those waters. At this point, pay attention to the energy bar the game shows. Because you spend a considerable amount of energy while swimming and when you run out of energy in the middle of the sea take damage you are starting.

You can increase the weight you can carry:

valheim merchant

There is a way to increase the 300 item weight you can carry in the game, but let’s say it from the beginning, it is very expensive and not worth doing at first. As you progress in the game, at a certain point you will come across a merchant named Haldor the Merchant. For 950 gold this merchant “MegingjordSells an item named ”. Your weight limit of 300 if you purchase this item To 450 coming out.

Your last periods best debut That’s all the tactics we will give about Valheim, one of the survival games. If you are one of the people who experience the game, you can share the tips and tactics that you think worked in the comments section.

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