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What is Google Trends, How to use it?

by tenderpuls

With Google’s free search discovery tool, Google Trends, which allows you to discover the agenda of users through their own searches, you can have a much more control over the online world. Especially, we answered curious questions such as what is Google Trends, what is it for online content producers.

Throughout history, there have always been some communication tools that made up the public agenda. First the newspaper, then the radio, then the television and finally the internet. It was very easy to follow the agenda created by other communication tools, but With the spread of the internet Almost every user had an agenda and special trend topics in line with their preferences.

Developed by Google and available to everyone for free Google Trends, a search discovery tool, It helps to open the mystery of the internet a bit. Even if it is not possible to know exactly what the agenda of each user is Google Trends Thanks to statistics, you can learn the most popular words searched on the Google search engine and different statistics about these searches.

What is Google Trends?

A search discovery tool developed by Google, one of the world’s most popular search engines. Google Trends, It provides its users with important statistics about the searches made by other users. In these statistics where searchers are seen as anonymous Popular searched words, You can see the agenda according to the dates, the cities searched, even the date and time details.

Google Trends is a completely free tool. In a way, we can call Google’s complete service. It shares at least some of the anonymous data it obtains from its users with other users. These statistics are invaluable blessings for online content producers.

What does Google Trends do?

google trends

For example, you have a website or blog and you want users to actively access your posts. There are many valuable studies you can do for this, but the most important is People using a popular search engine like Google It is to be able to attract to your own website or blog.

At this point, Google Trends statistics come into play. Concerning the keywords in your content when you review search statistics or when you discover the trending keywords at that time, you can direct your content accordingly and increase the likelihood of Google users to discover you.

Another important study you can do about Google Trends statistics is to edit Google ads. For example, you are in the service industry and You are wondering when the interest in your industry will increase. Immediately discover the date and time intervals for your industry searches on Google Trends and offer ads that will captivate people when they are just interested.

How to use Google Trends?

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Open the Google Trends website here. First, choose the country because it belongs to all countries with access to the internet via Google Trends. You can discover Google search data. After making selection of countries say Turkey, Turkey, users can find out a general picture of their search pages through Google hosts.

You can see the trends over the years and the latest trends of that day on the home page. Click on the titles you can access statistics details. Of course, you get non-detailed information about the most recent trends from the home page. The most important data is obtained through the search bar.

Type a word related to your industry in the search bar and search. On the search result page; the periods of this word being trending, Most searched cities, search statistics by date and time, and queries about the word you searched for. You can reach extremely detailed statistics on a single word.

It is also possible to compare the search statistics of different words on Google Trends. for example five different related queries You can compare search statistics by year or month. The data obtained can even be used in recent history studies.

How to use Google Trends effectively?

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The audience you want to address In other words, you have the most important data of users searching on Google, that is, what these users want. What should you do?

Of course, you have to give them exactly what they want. For example, publishing current news You have a website. The Google Trends statistics to watch out for are the most up-to-date. Whatever the agenda is for that day, you should do research on the subject and present all the information that users are curious about the word they are looking for.

If you have a website with more permanent articles rather than up-to-date content, the relevant queries section will help you. An article with a specified keyword to reach more relevant users Examine similar searches in the related queries section and include sections related to these words in the article, allowing other users to discover you.

Let’s get to Google ads. For example, if searches for products or services you want to advertise are made in September, you do not need to place large-budget ads in December. With an advertising campaign for before and after September, users are when he is interested in your product or service you can let them discover you.

Final notes on Google Trends:

google trends

  • If the audience you are addressing is different search engine users, the data you obtain may be misleading.
  • Advertising campaigns based on the data you obtain here may not provide the return you planned on different platforms.
  • In trends of searches in the trend list of the day Note that it can change hourly.
  • For longer-term studies, it is useful to examine the monthly or even yearly statistics of the keyword and develop a suitable project.
  • Google Trends statistics and the agenda of social media platforms often almost indifferent.
  • Creating social media campaigns based on the statistics you get from Google Trends is not always successful.

You can discover detailed statistics about Google searches What is Google Trends, what does it do, how to use it We answered curious questions such as and explained the points that draw attention. If you’re an online creator, it’s worth paying attention to and reviewing Google Trends data regularly.

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