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Valheim Breaks Instant Player Number Record

by tenderpuls

Valheim set a new record in the number of concurrent players. With 502 thousand players, Valheim has become the second most played game in the world. The game, which surpasses Dota 2, is now the only opponent of CS: GO, which has an instant 1.1 million players.

In a news we shared with you last week, Valheim from a survival game named we mentioned. Although the game was very new, it surpassed the world’s most popular games and exceeded the 350,000 band in concurrent players. A few days ago, the sales figure of this game 3 million exceeded the level had appeared. The latest news comes from Valheim’s a new record reveals that he broke.

Valheim has increased the number of instant players as of yesterday Over 500 thousand drew. This made the game the second most concurrent game on Steam. Although Valheim is still early to reach CS: GO, the maximum number of concurrent players of 1.1 million, the available data are Passing Dota 2 reveals. The popular survival game of recent weeks seems to have managed to make its name history.

Unprecedented success from a team of 5

Valheim was developed by a company called Iron Gate Studios. Consisting of a group of only 5 people Iron Gate StudiosAccording to the statements made by the founding partner of the company, they estimate that the sales amount will be at a certain level, but millions of sales are also that you are a surprise it states. In addition, the company is more than satisfied with the sales figures of the game.


Steam’s Next Game Festival To Take Place In June

Although Valheim has unprecedented success, early access stage. So there is a lot to play. Naturally, these developments will cause the mass of the game to grow. In addition, the company has created an update schedule for the upcoming days and months. If the game continues to be updated and gain great innovations, Valheim’s CS: GO 1.1 million It is easy to break the record for simultaneous players.

If you have detailed information about this game and you can buy the game for 32 TL. Purchasing if you want here You can reach Valheim’s Steam listing page using the link found.

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