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Microsoft May Hold Bethesda Event in March

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News started to circulate that shook the Xbox world. It is claimed that a comprehensive event planning has been created in collaboration with Bethesda and Microsoft.

Well-known game reporter Jeff Grubb said Xbox and Bethesda are planning a major event in March. It is also stated that Microsoft has allocated a serious budget for this event.

Microsoft, which has incorporated two important brands of the game world such as ZeniMax and Bethesda, is expected to do great work this year. Of course, more importantly, Xbox users will benefit the most from this merger. Even the possibility of Microsoft’s regular “discounts” on Bethesda games makes it possible for the Xbox to be preferred. Bethesda, which develops games such as The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, now seems likely to work more extensively.

Microsoft’s Contract to Purchase Bethesda Expected to Close

Bethesda To 7.5 billion dollars It is quite realistic that Microsoft will complete the purchase and plan a big event in March. E3 It is quite possible that Microsoft will come to the fore with an event that will shake the game market before the fair. Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Doom, Dishonored, Wolfenstein, StarfieldOwner of The Evil Within, Prey, and many more, Bethesda was known to almost dominate the RPG world.


Bethesda May Have Revealed Where Elder Scrolls 6 Will Take Place In New Year’s Tweet

Microsoft’s Xbox PodcastSpeaking at her, Spencer said: “He is very excited to have incorporated Bethesda in 2021 and they can now work as one company.” One should not be surprised if all Bethesda games are offered on the Xbox platform at a discount or for free for a limited time in March.

Could a new Skyrim or Fallout game come in?

Bethesda Elder Scrolls 6

Microsoft One of the favorite marketing strategies of the team is known to be “continuity”. Best breakout game in the Elder Scrolls franchise with Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda SkyriSpeculation that a sequel to m might be coming is slowly spreading. Of course, it is possible for the Fallout PC series to continue.

ZeniMaxIt is almost certain that series like Doom will continue with the acquisition. Microsoft had eaten a lot of Doom’s bread in the early game world, so to speak. With the completion of Bethesda and ZeniMax’s purchasing processes, big events seem to be waiting for the game world.

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