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Epic Games’ Lawsuit Against Apple in UK Dismissed

by tenderpuls

The lawsuit that Fortnite producer Epic Games is preparing to bring to Apple in the UK has been rejected. On the other hand, the case to be held between Google and Epic Games can be brought to the courts of England.

Epic Games due to electronic pins and in-game purchases recently Google and AppleHe had great controversy with, as a result, he decided to pull Fortnite from all mobile platforms.

Epic Games decided to sue both US companies in the UK, claiming they violated competition law. Epic Games, Apple and Google Due to the fact that it is a US company, it has been a matter of controversy whether Britain can handle the case.

UK court partially dismissed the case

Judge Roth, UK’s Epic Games and Apple He stated that they were not “convinced” that England was the best place for the dispute between the two parties, but they were considered differently for the Google case. He notes that due to Google’s affiliates in Ireland and affiliates in different locations, this case can be heard in the UK.


Court Finds Both Parties Right in Epic Games Apple Case

It is alleged that Apple also has a company in Ireland, but this company is not shown in Epic Games’ court file. Epic Games is currently suing Google in the US and UK and is pending outcome. Obviously, there is no verdict of the case against Epic Games against Google. Fortnite Although it is not downloaded from Google Play, there are many ways to run apk on Android phones. However, on the Apple side, this is not very possible, and it is even said that Epic Games can turn its fight with Apple into a vendetta.

What is the Main Reason of the Case?

Epic Games Apple Case

As it is known, it is forbidden to use electronic payment methods in in-game markets on Android and App Store. Apple and Google it clearly allows payments to be made only through their own payment system. Epic Games sees this as causing unfair competition. He believes that normally digital game codes should be used in applications in Android and App Store, as well as in PC games.


Epic Games: Apple has no right to reap the fruits of Epic’s efforts

At this point, it is currently unknown who will win the case. Epic Games among the teams observing the outcome of their case Tencent Game (Pubg Mobile), EA Games, Supercell There are also companies such as. The decision to be made here will be a precedent for other mobile game developers.

What will be the outcome of the case is unknown, but it is certain that we will not see Fortnite in stores in a short time.

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