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A Mod for Minecraft Released to Impress Gamers

by tenderpuls

A mod has been released for Minecraft that completely changes the general structure of the game. Developed by a player named iGrantastic, the mod turns almost everything in the game into a time bomb. While there is no way to defuse these bombs, what you have to do is extremely limited.

An independent software developer, one of the world’s most popular games Minecraft released a new mod for. Many players will enjoy this mode, it combines almost everything in the game into one. turns it into a time bomb. If you think Minecraft can go no further than a simple building game, you can use this mod to turn the Minecraft universe into a struggle for survival.

The mod published on the Planet Minecraft website, iGrantastic Developed by a game enthusiast named. The mode, which turns items, animals, monsters and almost everything else in the game into a time bomb, is activated when you approach that object at a certain level. To get rid of the bomb during the countdown, all you have to do is either move away from that object, kill it or add it to your inventory. Otherwise, your chance to survive does not exist.

Here is a screenshot of the mode

iGrantastic opened a thread on Reddit for the mod it developed. The subject with dozens of players, usually positive comments contained. However, Reddit moderators removed the topic of the mod in question. While it is not known why such a thing happens, players have already thousands of times they downloaded it.


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If you want to download the mod created for Minecraft, here using the link Planet MinecraftYou can reach. How to install the mod here You can find out via the link found. A prepared for the game promotional video you can watch it right below.

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