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Yandex Maps Better Features Than Google Maps

by tenderpuls

There are two strong competitors in map applications, which is one of the indispensable mobile applications for both drivers and pedestrians; Google Maps and Yandex Maps. Although the application we are used to is Google Maps, Yandex Maps is also not lagging behind. It can even be said that it stands out with its many features.

Whether you are going to an unknown place with your vehicle or on foot, you should definitely take a look at the map mobile applications. Because now, thanks to the technology we have, instead of asking for an address to the dried fruit seller, we can instantly access address and road information via the most up-to-date satellite images. Among map mobile apps Google Maps and Yandex Maps they are seen in two strong competitors application positions.

Google Maps Since it is already installed on Android phones, many users use this mobile application due to some habits. However, Yandex Maps, a service that is getting stronger step by step, has also become the favorite map application of those who spend most of the day in traffic. It also deserves to be a favorite because Many features offered by Yandex Maps services that you have never seen before, or even we can call unique.

Featured Yandex Maps features:

  • Asian maps are much more comprehensive.
  • Road – time calculation is almost a point shot.
  • Traffic density information is much more up-to-date.
  • He points to the parking lots.
  • You can instantly follow public transportation vehicles.
  • You can measure your route step by step.
  • You can find out how many floors the buildings are.
  • You can create your own map with Yandex Maps.

Asian maps are much more comprehensive:

Since Yandex is a Russian company, the market it addresses is also Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East region. Therefore, it makes its maps much more comprehensive by obtaining much more detailed information about these regions. Since Google is a company that focuses more on the US and Europe, Yandex does not care about changes in the region maps or small details.

Road – time calculation almost dot shot:

yandex maps, route calculation

It is not known how it does it, but even local, intercity or even international routes calculated on Yandex Maps. as proven by user experience It takes exactly as long as calculated. The fact that he has much more control over the road routes and takes into account this variable while calculating the route plan by processing the current developments rapidly is seen as the reason for the point shot route – time calculation.

Traffic density information is much more up-to-date:

yandex maps, traffic information

Yandex Maps is a map service where you can see the local traffic flow as well as the road routes. Yandex Maps, in a street If traffic says parental day, you can really believe it. What’s even more beautiful is that it draws a new route for you. Different map apps give you a general route and pull aside. However, Yandex Maps offers different routes such as “When we go from the side road and cross the back street, we will get ahead of the traffic and win five minutes”, just like a master driver.

Showing the parking spots:

yandex maps, parking spaces

We were not kidding when we said that it has more comprehensive maps and up-to-date road information. Yandex Maps has such up-to-date information that instantly even shows the parking lot. Of course, the parking spaces shown through the app are suitable for legal parking. It does not help with parking cars on the back streets. However, you can show you the side streets that you cannot see in any map application and you can park there.

You can instantly follow public transport:

yandex maps, public transport

Life-saving public transport tracking feature for pedestrians consists of showing only stops in the area in many map applications. With its public transport tracking feature, Yandex Maps instantly provides important information such as stops, vehicles passing through stops, and where the vehicle you are looking for is. Of course, There will be plus – minus a few minutes of play however, user experience shows it to be quite punctual.

You can measure your route step by step:

yandex maps, measuring route

Another pedestrian-friendly feature of Yandex Maps service is that you can measure your route almost step by step. While different map services provide a general meter, kilometer measure, Yandex Maps By drawing your route street by street You can see exactly how many meters or kilometers. The reason why the distance measurement feature can be used so precisely is that the maps are comprehensive. The distance between your home and the market can be seen as a clear road line, not a blurry road.

You can find out how many floors the buildings have:

yandex maps, building floors

It would be wrong to say that this feature can be used in every building, but you can find out how many floors of famous and large buildings are on Yandex Maps. Especially shopping malls You can not only find out how many floors it has, but you can even see what’s on the floors inside, where the toilet is, and where the bank ATMs are.

You can create your own map with Yandex Maps:

yandex maps, map wizard

Especially useful for users who will make a presentation on Yandex Maps or tell someone an address. With Map Wizard It is possible to create your own maps. You can prepare a map of special routes by centering your workplace, home and summer house. You can print, share and add these maps that you can use with different applications on Yandex Maps for everyone to see.

Attracting attention among map applications Features of Yandex Maps service according to Google Maps and we explained the details you need to know. Each application has some distinctive features. You can share which map application you use in the comments.

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