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WhatsApp APK Is Not Safe To Download: Here Are The Reasons

by tenderpuls

There is no one who owns a smartphone and does not pass through Whatsapp. Among these users, there are those who go outside of the Android application markets and download and use Whatsapp APK. Today, we will take a closer look at why this kind of thing should not be done and explain why Whatsapp APKs are not safe.

Whatsapp, the most preferred messaging application of today, has a user base that is expanding day by day. We can say that the application, which succeeded in connecting every phone over the internet by closing a huge gap in the period when smart phones appeared, is eating the bread of the success it achieved in those days. Of course, because it is in every successful thing, Whatsapp’s success also wanting to be a partner there are applications. Some of these are Whatsapp APKs.

Thousands of users download WhatsApp as APK every day, that is, from sites other than official app stores. Well WhatsApp, especially our life to your most special moments How correct is it to do this while being involved?

What is the difference between Whatsapp and downloading WhatsApp as APK?

There are two different types of applications that can come to mind when talking about Whatsapp APK. One of them is third-party software such as Whatsapp Plus, and the other is installation packages that contain older versions of the official Android Whatsapp application. In fact, two different options that can be imagined It is best not to use.

The WhatsApp application you download from the official application stores is installed on your phone with the files you obtain from the official source. The installation file you want to download as an APK may have been changed by a third party. The change can be done from stealing your personal information, even for using your phone for cryptocurrency mining.

If you download Whatsapp as APK, you will miss out on updates:

whatsapp apk

It is not safe to use the Whatsapp Android version installation packages, which we can find in external application markets, which is one of the options that come to mind when we talk about Whatsapp APK. You know that the applications on both the computer and the phone are updated regularly, even if there is no new feature. That’s it minor updates The reason is to take security measures.

When a new type of cyber attack emerges, application developers immediately release the version in which the appropriate precautions are taken for this type of attack on application markets. if Whatsapp APK If you use it, you will not have the latest version and you will be deprived of the latest security updates and your phone will be vulnerable to attackers, especially your private messaging.

What does the issue have to do with “fake apps” called “Whatsapp Plus”?

cyber security

First of all, Whatsapp Plus is not an application that can be found in official application markets. Once preferred by a large number of users, this application is actually a third party software. Whatsapp Plus, which is preferred because of the extra features it offers different from the normal Whatsapp application, is not available in official application markets. Google’s rules of course not.

Aside from everything, as a result of Whatsapp Plus leaving its glorious days behind, clone applications also appeared. Third-party Whatsapp software with different names have emerged and people continue to use these applications. But at what cost? From time to time, users who prefer an external Whatsapp application to the original Whatsapp application that you are banned news is coming out.

Although the number of people who say they are satisfied with the applications and continue to use them is the majority, third party software is a very gray area when security concerns are involved. No matter how many precautions you take, after a while, the developer of the third party application at the mercy of you become How true it is that our safety is at the mercy of someone in this period when we share the most special moments of our lives through applications, we leave the answer to you.

All versions of WhatsApp, except the original applications, are unofficial:


Yes, there is not much evidence that third-party Whatsapp APK apps steal data or share our data. But Approved by Google We do not find it right to recommend third party Whatsapp clone applications while there are dozens of Whatsapp alternatives. It is unclear what kind of work such practices, which no one knows exactly what they are, can open to us tomorrow day after day.

Security application preferred by many users in 2018 MalwarebytesShared a report revealing that the Whatsapp Plus app is collecting personal data. This was one of the events that started the Whatsapp Plus downturn process. However, the generation speed of third party software is so high that many different Whatsapp Plus-like applications emerged before it was realized that Whatsapp Plus lost its power.

The reason why Whatsapp APKs are preferred by so many people is that compared to the normal Whatsapp application. extra features we said above. Now, let’s open these features a little more and talk about what kind of “privileges” third party Whatsapp applications offer to users.

Here we come to the end of our article where we take a closer look at why Whatsapp APKs are not secure and why people prefer them. It is useful to remind you again. No matter how attractive the extra features offered by third party software may be for some, we are especially in messaging applications. non-official status We recommend. You can also share your opinions about third party Whatsapp applications in the comments section.

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