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What Will Happen to Those Who Don’t Accept WhatsApp’s Contract?

by tenderpuls

As you know, WhatsApp postponed the approval date of the new privacy agreement to 15 May. The accounts of those who did not accept the contract were announced as of this date.

Having a tough time since publishing their new confidentiality agreement WhatsAppupdated the last day for the approval of the contract, as you know, after the reaction it received, It was postponed to 15 May. During this period, he worked to ‘explain the new confidentiality agreement correctly’ and prevent users from leaving the platform, and made statements frequently.

Users who do not want to consent to the sharing of data with Facebook accounts are known to be deleted however, until now there was no clear information on how this process would work. WhatsApp has finally answered this important question on the minds of its users and explained what process awaits those who do not approve the new privacy agreement.

The account will remain inactive for a while:

Accounts that still haven’t accepted WhatsApp’s new privacy agreement on May 15 over a period of several days will be able to see notifications of incoming messages and calls to their accounts, but will not be able to use the app to read or reply to them. So access to the application fully restricted it will be.

Also, accounts that do not approve the contract For 120 days It will be ‘passive’ and during this time you will be able to return and accept the new contract. But if the account is not reactivated after 120 days will be deleted automatically. This means that all your groups, conversations and media will be deleted if you haven’t backed them up by then. For this reason, our recommendation is, if you are in the group that does not want to accept the contract, backup your entire WhatsApp history will be.


May 15th Last Day: Here are Alternative Messaging Applications to WhatsApp

WhatsApp has lost quite a lot of customers around the world so far. When the new contract was submitted for approval in our country, there was almost an immigration to alternatives such as Signal, Telegram and Bip. Then all ‘from WhatsApp’you misunderstood us‘his explanations do not seem to be very effective either. As a result, we have to wait 120 days after May 15 and beyond to see how this situation will end.

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