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Tips for Finding the Right Game for You on Steam

by tenderpuls

Steam, the world’s largest online gaming platform, hosts more than 30,000 games today. Although some of these games are known to almost every player, gamers can spend hours exploring new games. These methods are the kind that will make it easier for you to discover new games on Steam.

The widespread use of the Internet and the parallel development of the computer and video game industry has created a huge mass today. Also thanks to video games e-sports sector made a quick introduction to our lives, and the professional players have already started to draw their careers by concentrating on this field. Of course, one of the companies that made the biggest contribution to all of this was Valve. In 2003 “SteamAnnouncing the digital distribution and online gaming platform that it named as “, the company initiated an era that would rewrite the rules of the video game industry.

Steam, which has gained fame over the years, today More than 1 billion has a registered user. In the data announced in 2019, it was stated that around 30 thousand games were active on Steam. Of course, it is a big issue to determine which one to play among all these games. In this content, you can find a game for yourself on Steam. effective We will talk about some methods. By applying these methods, you can discover a game that will be engraved in your memory even if many people do not know it, so you can bring your library together with a production that will really be valuable to you.

Here are some methods you can apply to find suitable games on Steam.

  • Use the feature called Discovery Queue
  • View the most played games
  • Follow developer and publisher companies
  • Check out Steam Labs features
  • Use automated lists on Steam

Use the feature called Discovery Queue

If you want to discover a new game on Steam, the first method you should choose is without a doubt.Discovery Queue“. This feature, which is based on an algorithm that Steam developers trust, consists of the compilation of productions similar to the games you have had before. Steam does not apply any limitations unless you put it, and thanks to this feature, both major developers and independent producers allows you to access countless games. So how will you use this feature?

Steam Discovery Queue

To use the Steam Discovery Queue, you need to open the app and click “ShopYou need to click on the “Discovery Queue” button under the “menu. Then there is a start button where you can start viewing the games compiled for you. After clicking this button, special list for you you can start exploring. After you start viewing the games, you can add them to your wish list if you want, you can follow the new developments about the game, or you can make the game ignore in the Discovery Queue.

Games listed in the Discovery Queue are based on their features categorizing. So Steam makes it clear why it’s showing you this game. The platform, which uses the labels prepared by the developers for this, belongs to the game shown in the Discovery Queue with the tags in the games you have previously purchased. common tags is showing. In addition, the user details of what the players like you think about this game are also available on that page.Players like you loved it.You can view it with expressions like “.

Don’t you want to wait? View the most played games for the day


When we look for a new game from time to time, we can see what popular productions are played by everyone. we are curious. Here, Steam offers a very useful statistics service in this regard. The “Statistics” section, also located under the “Store” menu, offers a list of the most played games for both all time and the last 24 hours. View up to 100 gamesThe fact that it directs you to the store page, which you can access by clicking on the game, also gains speed.

A simple Steam hack: Follow developers and publishers

There is at least one game on Steam that you have played before and is etched in your memory. Moreover, the developer or publisher of this game may have been stolen in your ear in some way. Here is this situation, to turn it in your favor you can use. How Does? By following the accounts of developer and publisher companies on Steam. To do this, all you have to do is, of a game you like Going to the listing page on Steam, clicking on the name in the section written by the publisher or developer. You can easily access the games of that developer or publisher company on the page you are directed to.

Quantic Dream Steam

This tactic belittling but if you need to make an editor’s note; After playing “Detroit: Become Human”, which was developed and published by Quantic Dream, again with “Heavy Rain”, which belongs to this company and is very valuable “Beyond: Two SoulsI can admit that I had the opportunity to discover games named “Detroit: Become Human,” which are older.

Feel free to use Steam Labs

Steam, most of the features it is developing Steam Labs It enables it to be tested through a service that it calls. The nice thing about the service is that Steam offers features developed for new discoveries through Steam Labs. In other words, the platform, a new algorithm or a new discovery possibility, by all players. to be tested allows. This provides significant advantages for players looking for a new game. So how will you use Steam Labs?

Steam Labs

After logging into the Steam application, you will see “LaboratoryThe button that says “gives you access to Steam Labs. In the lab, where you will see a list of experimental features that are open to test, you can get detailed information about these features. Among them, search results and features related to discoveries allow you to discover a new game. If you are lucky, using experimental features in Steam Labs, even multiple games you can discover.

Feature we all know: automatic listings on Steam


Another feature that we can use to discover new games on Steam is Steam’s found on the homepage and automatically generated lists. This feature, which we left to the end because it is already known by all users, was recently published on Steam, popular with its release or in the near future It allows you to access the games that will be released. We can clearly state that many of the games on these lists are already popular enough.

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