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Responses to the Criticism of Developers Making Money in Bed

by tenderpuls

The title “Software Developers Make Money by Lying”, which was opened in the Ekşi dictionary, was also on the agenda in social media. The software developers who replied to the title on Twitter managed to make you smile with their statements.

Turning around in our country and wrapping around certain occupational groups, that they earn money by lying claiming has now become a habit. The new favorite of these people, who once surrounded teachers and academics for a while, was software developers who came to the fore with the issue of tax.

A user in the sour dictionary, “Software developers make money in bed“He opened a title called.” to the agenda of social media It didn’t take long for it to fall. Software developers naturally spoke a few words on this subject.

Let’s first look at the post mentioned:

Ekşi dictionary user says in the title he opened: “I thought they were jokingly saying it, but it was true.

The other day, “what are you doing?” I asked. “Are you sleeping?” He replied, but he was supposed to actually work because he was working as a php & pyhton devoloper for a company. He continued his work from home under pandemic conditions.

“How so don’t you work?” I asked, but I was stunned by the answer I got. he replied to me “no, I am sleeping on my pc, Ihihihi”. I was surprised at what I was going through. I think it is unfair that software developers earn thousands from where they sleep while people say okay to minimum wage by working outside in these cold weather. He also says “I’m going to sleep” without shame, at least sit down and work.

I think the state should tax software developers working freelance from home as soon as possible. “

The reactions are as follows

It was also thin screened

My lamb that you work lying down

Working in bed is not good

Subject integrity is important


Taxed earnings are sacred


It is also an option

new method

You’re done

you're done

Great curse

life without bugs

Are there taxes anyway?


You also make your bread

sack of flour

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