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Huawei Mate X2’s Pre-Registrations Exceed 3.5 Million

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The number of users pre-registered for the Mate X2, the foldable phone that Huawei will introduce and launch tomorrow, exceeded 3.5 million. While 1.5 million pre-registrations were exceeded in e-commerce giant Jd.com, this number left behind 2 million in Vmall.

Chinese tech giant Huawei, with the Mate X and XS models it introduced last year, brought a new breath to foldable smartphones. These smartphones that fold outward looked more durable than other foldable phones. The price tag of the phone was at a level that upset everyone.

Last week Huawei’s new foldable smartphone Mate X2 It was stated that it would be announced on February 22, that is, tomorrow. Although the smartphone will not go on sale all over the world, we have already understood that it will appeal to a considerable number of users. Number of users who registered to purchase the phone found millions.

The number of pre-registrations exceeded 3.5 million:

Huge e-commerce sites in China have a pre-registration system that allows users to queue up to buy this phone before smartphones are launched. For example last month Xiaomi’s Mi 11 seriesreached 250 thousand pre-registrations the day before it went on sale on e-commerce giant Jd.com.

The number of pre-registrations Huawei received for the Mate X2 foldable phone is Xiaomi. from ground to ground level reached. Chinese users in total only via Jd.com 1.5 million pre-registered. The number of pre-registration if another e-commerce giant is in Vmall 2 million exceeded. So the number of users who want to buy the Huawei Mate X2 is already It has exceeded 3.5 million.

What will the Huawei Mate X2 offer?

huawei mate x2

The main difference of the Huawei Mate X2 from previous phones will be the way it folds. The phone is allegedly, this time instead of folding out will fold inward. In addition, with the application of this folding method, wireless charging support is expected to come to the phone. Because the screen will now be inside, when the phone is placed on a surface, the cover part of the phone will touch the surface.


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Huawei Mate X2 will come with a huge 8.01-inch display with 2,480 x 2,220 pixels. The folded screen of the phone will be 6.45 inches in size. In the hardware part, Huawei Kirin 9000 chipset will present. The phone will come out with a battery that offers support for 66 W fast charging of 4,400 mAh.

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