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Are Platforms Similar to GeForce Now The Future of Gaming?

by tenderpuls

As technology develops, alternative tools continue to emerge in many sectors. Could cloud gaming platforms, which can be a great user alternative in the gaming industry, be an important choice in the future? Here in this article, we will look at how cloud gaming platforms such as GeForce NOW, Xcloud, Amazon Luna and Google Stadia can take a place in the future of gaming.

A transition to the new generation has been made in the gaming industry. While new generation game consoles are being launched by Xbox and Sony; On the PC side, powerful new generation cards came from NVIDIA and AMD. While these are some of the most preferred platforms in the new generation, it will also become the biggest alternative in the future. cloud gaming platforms also continues to improve.

By NVIDIA GeForce NOW, On the xbox side Xcloud, On the Amazon side Amazon Luna and on the Google side Google Stadia platforms continue to evolve. Are these platforms the future of acting? In our article, we will examine the subject within the framework of this question.

Let’s start with the basics: What exactly is cloud gaming?

Cloud acting, players only Internet and a suitable ordinary device means an alternative understanding of acting based on connecting to the server of the company and playing games. name Cloud computing technology, and this system enables the creation of a virtual machine by establishing an internet-based connection between computers, devices and servers. Users can connect to their servers, namely their virtual machines, using the relevant cloud gaming platforms and enjoy the game to the fullest. This is the summary of cloud acting.

Most popular cloud gaming platforms

  • Google Stadia
  • Amazon Luna
  • Xcloud
  • GeForce NOW

Google Stadia

google stadia

Attracting great interest when first announced among cloud gaming platforms Google StadiaIt made its debut in November 2019. Competing with the emergence of new competitors, Google Stadia wants you to buy the game you want to play for Stadia, using the service instead of a library system, unlike other platforms. So Google Stadia games are sold separately. One of the highlights of Stadia is that it has its own controller. Thanks to this controller, you can have a compatible gaming experience in the Stadia ecosystem. Stadia can work on any laptop, desktop or mobile device. In the pro package of the service, support up to 4K 60 FPS is offered.

The service is at least for 1080p 20 Mbps; Minimum for 4K 35 Mbps Let’s say you want internet speed. Service monthly price $ 9.99. If you want to get the special package called Founder’s Edition 129.99 dollars you have to pay. At the same time, there may be delays according to the regions. Google does not serve Stadium for Turkey at the moment.

Amazon Luna

amazon luna

Amazon is an important company that continues to develop with the steps it takes in the game industry. Will have an important place among cloud gaming platforms Amazon LunaIs trying to provide users with a quality experience by taking power from Amazon’s servers. Within the service Luna + monthly for channel $ 5.99 charging is requested. At the same time, you can subscribe to the channels opened by the developers on the system and play their games. After the agreement with Ubisoft, Ubisoft will have its own channel in the system and new games will take place in Luna as they are released. Ubisoft channel’s subscription fee $ 14.99. The service also has its own controller. The system is currently out of service in our country.

Microsoft Xcloud

project xcloud

One of the biggest steps Microsoft has taken for the Xbox side, Xcloud, currently available Xbox Game Pass Ultimate A cloud gaming service that comes with a subscription. To use this service, a Game Pass Ultimate subscription is required and a large library can be played on the cloud with subscription. Currently, the price of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is monthly 44.99 TRY However, since Xcloud service is not available in our country, you cannot benefit from Xcloud when you subscribe. Turkey is among the targets for infrastructure works in Microsoft’s services will take place in our country that is taking place.

GeForce NOW

Recently, with the agenda driven by cloud is coming to Turkey fall NVIDIA gaming service GeForce NOW, can currently be used in our country. With GeForce NOW, you can play games purchased from contracted platforms via the virtual machine by connecting to NVIDIA servers. Average 15 Mbps with 720p sufficient quality can be obtained for Although it is possible to play with lower internet speeds, the higher and steady your internet speed is, the better your experience. Turkey has made no announcement until the server service, Turkcell GAME + After the agreement with Turkey will have on the server. In this way, users in our country will be able to benefit from the service with low latency and high image quality.

GeForce NOW currently has 2 different subscription models. The first is free to players called Basic 1 hour session time While being the model that presents; the other is the premium name and price have not been disclosed to Turkey RTX and going on models that include unlimited session time. The price in TL is not yet known for our country. 15 February 2021 Beta process started as of Monday and 15 March 2021 The service will start on the date of. The first right will be those who pre-registered.


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Who do cloud gaming platforms appeal to?

Who are cloud gaming platforms appealing to?

Cloud acting It aims to spread to more masses in the future with the development of Internet technologies. Cloud gaming systems appeal to everyone who wants to play games but cannot find a suitable device to play, as the device variety is very high and they provide access from the devices that most people have. Instead of giving extra money to the devices, users are enabled to play games using only Internet connections from the devices they already have. In short, cloud gaming platforms are designed for all users who want to play games and do not have an extra device.

How realistic is the promise of gaming anywhere and on any device?

Game enjoyment on any device

Cloud gaming platforms at their best ” enjoy the game anywhere and on any device ” because cloud gaming platforms allow you to play games anywhere and on almost any device with an internet connection. With this feature, it is an important alternative to other platforms by providing great convenience to the user as well as appealing to a wide audience. Instead of buying a new game console or PC, you can even use the cloud gaming service from a smartphone you have.

How much of a problem is internet speed?

Internet speed

We mentioned that you must have an Internet connection to use cloud gaming platforms. Since the most frequently complained issue in our country is the Internet connection, various doubts may arise before using these services. Most platforms, 1080p for service 20-25 Mbps minimum The average Internet speed in 2020 to near the speed of internet istemekte.türki 27.86 Mbps It appears as. This means that if your speed is close to average 1080p you can get service.

Of course, the delay values ​​and the stability of your speed are also of great importance. That’s why servers are of great importance. delays due to server side of the cloud gaming platform that opens in Turkey can be minimized but not found on the server attempts to open all platforms for Turkey which has led to delays in use in our country. You can improve your experience with the least possible latency and the highest and stable Internet speed.

Options in our country are currently limited, but in terms of price the most logical option which?


One of the most important features when purchasing a service in our country is the price. Most users are not satisfied with the prices of the companies that are converted directly into TL from the dollar or euro basis, and therefore they demand region-specific pricing. GeForce NOW, one of the most popular cloud gaming platforms, Turkcell GAME + With the agreement it has made with, it will use a pricing in TL.

Basic model GeForce now offered as a free Premium version is expected to visit Turkey for special pricing. Turkey of services for other platforms are not yet available. Special pricing may also be possible with possible future servers and agreements to be made. With this great agreement between Turkcell and NVIDIA, we can say that the first of these steps was taken.

Do we really say goodbye to powerful computer hardware?

computer equipment

With the development of cloud gaming, an important question comes to mind. Many users are wondering if powerful computer parts and hardware will be preferred in the future. NVIDIA continues to take steps on both the computer hardware and cloud gaming side. The company aims to strengthen its position on both sides with these steps. Of course, there is no question of powerful computing parts leaving us until cloud gaming is completely normalized.

Of course, this work has many different dimensions such as publishing, design, video editing. Although cloud gaming platforms are a great alternative to gaming, users who deal with these jobs need powerful hardware and invest in computer parts if they are also interested in games. Considering many different aspects of the business, we can say that more powerful computer parts will show up in the market for a long time.

Pros of cloud gaming

  • The obligation to purchase extra devices is eliminated.
  • Access is possible anywhere and from almost any device with an internet connection.
  • Games become an entertainment tool that is much easier to obtain and experience.
  • The game industry can spread to large masses.

Cons of cloud gaming

  • In particular, many platforms for the moment does not exist in Turkey.
  • Special pricing is currently out of the question for most platforms.
  • Internet connection is not stable in Turkey and the delay problem exists.
  • Companies can not get up in the middle of servers unless you open the problem of delays in Turkey.
  • Some companies can charge extra costs with extra subscription and device support.

Final decision

cloud acting 2

Whether cloud gaming platforms are the future of gaming is still up to the user. While this situation is positive for some users; Some users think that consoles and computers will be in the foreground for a long time. Those who will use these platforms need to analyze in detail the Internet speeds, latency times, promises of the platform to be used and the subscription fee and make a final decision.

What do you think about cloud gaming and cloud gaming platforms? GeForce NOW Have you ever had the opportunity to try platforms like? Do you think cloud acting could lead to an important sense of acting in the future? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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