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YouTube Accidentally Blocked a Chess Channel

by tenderpuls

It turned out that YouTube blocked a channel that broadcasted chess videos and had more than 1 million subscribers ‘accidentally’ due to racist and violent statements. Stuck with YouTube’s artificial intelligence algorithm, the channel was reactivated with the emergence of the situation.

Social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram may occur on platforms. of the language of hate and uses artificial intelligence algorithms to prevent violent content. Discourses, images and any content you can think of that are defined by these algorithms and violate community rules are filtered and blocked when necessary.

However, especially at the point of discourse, the algorithms developed for words, can be wrong from time to time. It turned out that YouTube’s artificial intelligence algorithm also blocked a chess channel with such an error.

Words like black, white, attack and threat set the algorithm in motion:

Channel named ‘Agadmator’s Chess Channel’, With more than 1 million subscribers One of YouTube’s most popular chess channels and has been active since 2017. However, the channel had been blocked in recent months after airing an episode with Hikaru Nakamura, the youngest American to win the title of five-time champion and Grandmaster. As we stated the justification racist rhetoric and violation of community rules.

Of course, the channel was reactivated after it was realized that there was a mistake in a short time, but experts say YouTube’s By defining chess terms to its algorithm He thinks that such situations should be avoided.


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Because the words we often hear in chess games such as ‘black’, ‘white’ ‘attack’ and ‘threat’, which are found in 80 percent of chess videos, According to YouTube’s artificial intelligence algorithm contains hate speech and violence. Although there is a filtering system carried out in the presence of moderators, such problems are inevitable because artificial intelligence cannot filter successfully at some points.

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