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WhatsApp Will Say ‘You’re Safe’ With In-App Ads

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The world’s most popular messaging application WhatsApp is having a hard time due to its privacy policy update. Facebook team, which unintentionally feeds its competitors with its “privacy update”, will now try to prevent user losses for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Although he did not encrypt end-to-end user conversations, he could not explain the main lines of the policy change to many people due to erroneous citations in the controversial “privacy policy”. Lawsuits filed especially on the basis of countries and decisions that user data cannot be shared continue to come one after another.

together with Turkey and India being the first country who sued individually in the case it filed many lawsuits. Facebook Incby. for WhatsApp in the privacy policy update There are many legal errors. The update could not be fully explained to the end user, especially due to misspelled and incorrectly quoted expressions.


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What Was WhatsApp Privacy Policy Actually?

The “privacy policy update”, which aims to analyze user messages and transfer them to Facebook and categorize these users and carry out marketing and advertising activities, is actually a direct message between users. FacebookIt gave rise to the feeling that it would be transferred to.

WhatsApp his team tried to manage the crisis when he got so many reactions about the privacy policy that he announced in error and hastily, but Signal and TelegramHe could not prevent transitions to. In addition to all this, Facebook Inc. has actually been receiving user data over WhatsApp and Instagram for years. The most important human privacy was already violated, especially with the face recognition and scanning system that Facebook released and then added to Instagram.


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Facebook Inc. Softens Your Attitude

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