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Ubisoft Warns Against Malicious Far Cry 6 Beta Mails

by tenderpuls

Ubisoft called for a cautious approach to Far Cry 6 Beta Access emails to prevent gamers from being harmed by a form of fraud called phishing.

Expectations for Ubisoft’s new game Far Cry 6 are great. Fans of the series are waiting for the day when they can start playing the game with great interest. This situation does not go unnoticed by fraudsters. Especially phishing method users have already set their own goals for the game.

In a post shared from Ubisoft’s official support account on Twitter, Far Cry 6 beta access An e-mail sent to you was announced to be fake. This situation made it clear that gamers should be more careful.

Do not rely on those who introduce themselves as “Ubisoft”

On Twitter share “Your email about FC6 beta is a phishing attempt We can confirm that it is. (Interference) has been reported. Please do not respond if you received this or similar e-mail. “ The company’s followers were informed of the situation using their statements.

On the subject YouTuber theRadBrad, He had posted a tweet warning all creators. This post also Ubisoft Support took part in the description. This virus, sent to creators according to that post, monitors the screen and records everything done.


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Media creators often receive these types of early access emails. Creators of works such as movies and games early access is found. Thus, the contents can be offered to customers as soon as the said product is published. That’s why the scammers targeted Far Cry 6 for themselves.

Beware of phishing attempts

far cry 6


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These types of emails are often in order to attack is being used. The attackers, who do almost exactly the same as a company’s website or e-mail it sends, thus deceive people. Afterwards, it performs various attacks by either redirecting it to their own platform or using malware.

Ubisoft’s warning specifically content producers Although it seems to be a concern, such attacks can occur on almost any subject. For this reason, it is necessary to use e-mails and visited sites carefully.

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