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Turkey’s Most Viewed Publishers

by tenderpuls

With the developing publishing industry, statistics of popular publishers in our country started to compete with international publishers. Elraenn, himself a musician and where we list the top three names such as Jahra, Twitch contains the last 30 days, Turkey’s most-watched broadcaster. The publishers in the top three are accompanied by Wtcn, Hype, Pqueen, Elwind, Toqtir and LEGOO respectively.

Broadcasting, which has become a popular occupation and profession in almost every region that the internet reaches, including our country, has become so developed that it can compete with television channels according to current statistics. This has helped publishing become more popular and a profession.

According to the statistics of the last 30 days most watched broadcasters Tuğkan “Elraenn” Gönültaş is at the top of the list by far. After Elraenn, Kemal Can “Self Musician” Parlak and TwitchJahrein, one of the first publishers of Turkey. In this article, we will list the top 10 publishers with these top names. The statistics at the time the list was prepared have changed over time, and when you read this article, other publishers may have taken the place of the publishers in the list.

the most-watched broadcaster in Turkey:

  • Elraenn
  • Self Musician
  • Jahrein
  • Wtcn
  • Hype
  • Pqueen
  • Elwind
  • Toqtir

The top publisher of recent times Elraenn:

  • Real name: Tugkan Gonultas
  • Broadcasting platform: Twitch
  • Content type: Just Chat, Game

The Tuğkan Gönültaş, who was born in 1987, Twitch Turkey as unchanging name of the publisher’s most-watched list emerges. Gönültaş, who created a brand in the textile field before her publishing career, started to become popular with her exotic animal posts on her channel called Karınca Çiftliğim on YouTube. Tuğkan Gönültaş, who made her explosion on the Twitch platform in JTG TV’s Noobstar competition, has more than 2 million followers on Twitch.

The most colorful face of Just Chat category Musician to Herself:

Self Musician

  • Real name: Kemal Can Parlak
  • Broadcasting platform: Twitch
  • Content type: Just Chat, Game

Kemal Can Parlak, who created an audience with his content only in the Chat category and continued to increase this, showed himself with the cover videos he shared on YouTube as a result of his interest in music. Herself Musician, who started to show her name in the most watched broadcasters lists after entering the Twitch platform, continues her career as one of the most watched broadcasters of today. Actively operating in BBL Esports, which he founded with Wtcn, Uthenera and Okan İlker Demirel, the successful broadcaster has 1.8 million followers on Twitch.

Jahrein, one of Twitch’s most established names:


  • Real name: Ahmet Result
  • Broadcasting platform: Twitch
  • Content type: Just Chat, Game

Twitch is one of Turkey’s first publisher of Jahra, one of the most popular publishers. Jahrein, who has actively produced content on YouTube when he started broadcasting, continues his career with chat and game broadcasts. Together with his friends Alfred, Mira and his wife Selin Uluc, we send our wishes to Ahmet conclusion, who lives in Antalya, for the accident his friend Alfred had in the past weeks.

Wtcn, one of the first to come to mind when it comes to Twitch:


  • Real name: Ferit Karakaya
  • Broadcasting platform: Twitch
  • Content type: Game, Just Chat

Ferit Karakaya, one of the first broadcasters to make a radical transition from the esports industry to Twitch, was first imprinted in our memories with his successful career in League of Legends. After Esper full-time career began publishing Ferit Karakaya, from today Esports BBL’s founder and one of Turkey’s most Twitch. He has 2.2 million followers on Twitch.

Hype, which has become a popular destination for entertainment seekers:


  • Real name: Cagri Ergun
  • Broadcasting platform: Twitch
  • Content type: Just Chat, Game

In addition to his interest in software and music, Çağrı Ergün, who gained a unique audience in a short time with his broadcasts on Twitch in the Chat Only category, became one of the most successful publishers of recent times with the concepts he created under the Just Chat category. He has 300,000 followers on Twitch.

Pqueen, the top representative of female publishers:


  • Real name: Pelin Baynazoğlu
  • Broadcasting platform: Twitch
  • Content type: Just Chat, Game

The only woman 10 publishers from the list consisting of our publishers Pque that we published last week in Turkey Most Viewed Female Broadcasters had taken place at the beginning of our article list. Pqueen, who has successfully continued his active publishing career since 2017, has 1.1 million followers on Twitch.

Elwind, the favorite name of League of Legends broadcasts:


  • Real name: Kaan Atici
  • Broadcasting platform: Twitch
  • Content type: Game

Ferit Karakaya like esp career after making the transition to full-time broadcasting Kaan shooter category of League of Legends as the most-watched broadcaster in Turkey continues his career. Elwind, known as the name he used in the esports period on Twitch, has more than 840 thousand followers on Twitch.

Toqtir, the publisher and family man as well:


  • Real name: Sedat Sakmar
  • Broadcasting platform: Twitch
  • Content type: Game, Just Chat

Toqtir, a member of the Rekkitz team including Jahrein, is one of the broadcasters who continue his career with game streams. The 23-year-old young broadcaster is also a family man and one of the fastest-growing broadcasters of the most watched broadcasters list of the past 30 days. He has 164,000 followers on Twitch.

LEGOO, one of Valorant’s best players in our country:


  • Real name: Semih Selvi
  • Broadcasting platform: Twitch
  • Content type: Game

In addition to actively pursuing an esports career in BBL Esports’ Valorant team, Semih Selvi, who is also a broadcaster, shares her successful Valorant acting with her audience in her broadcasts and offers a fun content with her pleasant conversation. We congratulate him and his teammates on their success in the Valorant First Strike tournament and we wish it continued.

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