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Google Fires AI Unit Leader

by tenderpuls

Alphabet Inc. After firing AI ethics researcher Timnit Gebru in December, he now fires founder Margaret Mitchell. The back-to-back events in the AI ​​department within Google seem to reveal the need for the company to review the concept of “ethics”.

Recently Google The concepts of “freedom and censorship”, which the employees complained a lot, started to be reflected in the media. Black executive Timnit GebruAfter his sensational departure from Google and the mails he sent, eyes turned to Margaret Mitchell.

Head of the ethical artificial intelligence unit Margaret MitchellThe firing of his team together with his entire team on Friday fueled the events. There are heavy accusations on Mitchell, who has not been able to reach the meeting schedule for the last 5 weeks.

Alleged leaking of personnel and sensitive company information

Google “Margaret Mitchell’s personnel and sensitive company information He announced that he had terminated his job with the claim of “leaking”. Stating that such a decision was made after the investigation on the issue, which started on January 19, 2021, some staff of Google do not participate.

Google employee Alex hanna “Google is running a smear campaign against Mitchell and Gebru,” he said on Twitter. It is stated that there is a strange situation in the case of personnel who do not do or refuse to do what they want due to the negative effects of technology, in particular, to terminate their jobs. When the subject was artificial intelligence, people started to explain the situation with conspiracy theories.

Mitchell Posted “I got fired” on Twitter

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