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Ghostrunner Review: Are We Full of Action?

by tenderpuls

Ghostrunner may be a future game for us, when pure action games are not so popular. We have reviewed the highly popular action game Ghostrunner for you on Steam.

The game industry has been running many big-budget games on the “open world” theme for a long time, regardless of which platform it is on. This allows people to give money to games more comfortably, considering the game prices in recent years.

The main reason for this is that when you play a game on an open world basis, many activities that can be done outside the main task automatically arise. Of course, this does not show that every game should be made on an open world basis, but lately this situation has become so prominent that we have been hungry as a game market for pure action games that progress in a certain linearity.

In such cases Ghostrunner exceeded a certain level like pure action games are highly valued and should. Ghostrunner A game that clearly conveys what he wants to do and doesn’t want us to think about anything else.

Ghostrunner tackles a classic revenge story

  • Pros:
    • A classic story about betrayal vengeance
    • The 4 characters we have been in dialogue with throughout the whole game have been very successful and have enabled us to focus on the story.
  • Cons:
    • Stories of betrayal revenge are as impressive as they are cliché
    • The story line loses its sense of wonder after a while

Ghostrunner It is about a very distant future. Although we do not have much opportunity to see the outside world, as told in the story, it takes place in a post-apocalyptic cyber world.Tower“They live in a huge tower they named and the two leading scientists of that history. Man and Mara It plays a key role in our story. As two scientists make plans for the future of Tower, as usual power is running out and betraying the other. The scenario here is Mara’s betrayal of Adam.

While the main scenario progresses like this, the beginning of our game is our main character. Ghostrunnerhappening with the awakening of the. Waking up with a voice inside his head Ghostrunner he has forgotten almost everything about himself. Ghostrunner, the only remaining member of his kind, who learned everything before waking up with the guidance of the voice in his head, is now known as “Mara”.Keymaster“‘from to take revenge sets out.

Ghostrunner is a linear action game but the game dominates more in terms of gameplay than story. If you want to play on the story, you can be disappointed because there is no choice of dialogue or any striking event in the story. Although the story seems to be a well-known revenge story, the story is rich in its own way with its effect on the cyber theme. But after a while, the element of curiosity disappears, as it cannot keep its initial excitement constantly.

Section Designs: Designs that are similar to each other but not so similar are standing in front of us.

  • Although Ghostrunner seems to repeat itself at first, it manages to satisfy the eyes with its innovative sections later on.

Parkour games are generally games that stand out with their section designs. Because it needs to offer an active gameplay. Good level designs as the player must constantly overcome obstacles and jump around in the sections he plays it forms the cornerstone that connects the player to the game. But in games like Ghostrunner, the theme of the parkour is blended with action, so this job also includes fighting mechanics with enemies. Therefore, in addition to the gameplay, section designs are of extra importance.

Due to the story of the game, all the parts we play are located in the tower called Tower. So we don’t have much connection with the outside world. Moreover, since the game deals with the cyber theme and the atmosphere is mainly dim and dark, the first parts can create the feeling of repeating each other. But as the game progresses, this situation to innovations and gradually pleasing section designs leaving.

Gameplay: Offers fast but unforgiving action for the slightest mistake

  • Pros:
    • Fast and fluid action system
    • possibility to fight against enemies in multiple ways
    • successful combination of track and action
  • Cons:
    • It’s so easy to die that it can get frustrated sometimes
    • The speed of gameplay makes it difficult to follow the story during the action.
    • The fact that it is very easy to die and the action is very fast prolongs the habituation process.

Gameplay part Ghostrunner’s strongest side I can say that. The music that plays in the background during the war is absolutely fantastic and is perfect for getting you on the go. In addition, the fact that we play with the first-person shooter (first person shooter) camera angle It allows us to be fully immersed in the action.

All the combat mechanics of our character in Ghostrunner sword in hand walking through. Although the sword we have is our only weapon in general, it is possible to divide it into various gameplay types. It is possible to pass the whole level by just proceeding on the tracks and reflect the bullets of the enemies back, or you can go head-to-head with enemies and avoid bullets and cut everyone through your “Dash” skill without using the tracks much.

Ghostrunner is a very creative skill tree there is. This skill tree does not allow you to learn new skills. However, it allows you to fight more comfortably by providing passive development for the skills you will learn during the game. To do this, our production team has gone through a very fun way. Talent tree as a Tetris board You can think of it as. No skill points or anything like that. New passive abilities unlock as you progress, and they are all They manifest themselves in the form of tetris blocks. You also create a skill tree by combining them according to the current location on your board. This is a very creative and impressive choice.

In Ghostrunner, all we do in general is walking on the war tracks. The innovation of the level designs of the game affects the gameplay part very well. It is possible to start a war in more than one way in the following chapters. How you fight enemies is in our hands, albeit in a simple way. If the first way or tactic we tried doesn’t work, it is entirely up to the player who is playing to start the war in another direction, another way.

Dying in Ghostrunner is definitely part of the game. Playing with this acceptance makes everything easier. It is absolutely inevitable to die in a game with such a fast movement and action system. Most of the time, I fly to the cliffs even when I am hiking. In the gameplay part, the most tiring situation is to follow the story. The sequences of the game are progressing so quickly that it is quite easy to die, and things get complicated when I say I don’t die and follow the story.

Conclusion: Ghostrunner can alleviate our hunger to a little while we are looking for pure action games.

As we mentioned, Ghostrunner, with its fluid gameplay and designs that prevent repetition, was one of the rare games that I thought to re-enter in Hardcore mode even after I finished the game. As I mentioned, death is a part of the game, but resurrecting immediately and continuing does not even give one the opportunity to be nervous. You have the chance to die very quickly, get back up at the same speed and continue where you left off.
With its simple but fun linear gameplay system, Ghostrunner is definitely a game that can show a calming effect for a while for those who lack a game.

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