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DMCA, Fan Made Will Remove GTA 3 and Vice City

by tenderpuls
Rockstar Games, Fan Yapımı GTA 3 ve Vice City’i Kaldırma Talebinde Bulundu

Last year, the project of two software developers who transformed GTA 3 and GTA Vice City into open source code through reverse engineering method was removed with DMCA.

GTA The biggest dream of its players is to experience an open source GTA. All the desired updates and improvements will be made endlessly. GTA 3 and GTA Vice City Think you’ve had the experience?

GitHub Many improvements were added to the original games with Re3 (reverse engineering GTA 3) and reVC (reverse engineering Vice City) projects over which open source codes were published. After Eurogamer published news about this project, Rockstar Games, DMCA He made the request and ensured the removal of the content.

Re3 and reVC were very popular

Provides in-game updates and improvements re3 and reVC in Liberty city it could even accommodate a map. Widescreen support, improved visuals and many innovations should be very upsetting for the players who expect this version from Rockstar Games.

The Aap team states that the game code has been used for modding for years. In 2016 GTA 3 Considering that the team that started the reverse engineering development for

Even in Turkey, especially HawkIf you consider how popular GTA Vice City mods are, it will be difficult to find open source codes for modding. GTA Liberty City It seems like a very attractive idea to play the version on GTA Vice City with a modded version on PC.

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