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Danny Trejo as Wonder Woman with Deepfake

by tenderpuls
Sert Adam Rolleriyle Tanınan Danny Trejo, Deepfake Teknolojisiyle Wonder Woman'ı Canlandırdı [Video]

Danny Trejo, the sought-after name for tough guy roles, was played as Wonder Woman using deepfake technology. Trejo’s performance Diana, better known for her villain roles, was appreciated by many.

Superhero movie Wonder On woman The role of Diana Gal Gadot American actor instead Danny Trejo what would it be like if he played? A YouTuber who is curious about the answer to this question, has become very popular lately. deepfake technology using She added Danny Trejo’s face to a scene from the movie Wonder Woman released in 2017.

In the video created with deepfake technology, Diana’s To show Steve Trevor how powerful and unstoppable he is on the battlefield, among the bullets There is a scene where he walks. Even if it’s not the most convincing deepfake video ever, it can be said that the montage was not bad.

What would it look like if Danny Trejo was cast in the role of Wonder Woman instead of Gal Gadot?

As you can see in the video above Danny Trejoseems like he’s done the part with his particular hard grin. Although he is known for his hard roles, it is not hard to guess that Trejo himself watched this video with fun. At the same time, the famous actor, known for his fun Instagram posts, was just on Valentine’s Day. God of love He shared his photos taken under the guise.

Although we haven’t seen Trejo in the leading roles, it is obvious that he is one of the sought-after names in Hollywood. Usually hard one man, old one cheater or your bad guys right your arm He is known for his roles. These characters usually stand out with their mustache and moody.


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Well, did you like Danny Trejo’s performance of Wonder Woman? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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