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Chrome Uses 10X More RAM than Safari on macOS

by tenderpuls

While Google Chrome’s use of excess RAM on Windows computers is debatable, the research by Flotato creator Morten Just revealed Google Chrome’s RAM usage in macOS.

Almost nobody knows that today’s browsers work like an operating system on our computers. Windows compared to computers macOS Computers with operating systems are thought to work more stable and stable. However, researches are actually macOS even reveals how tiring it can be.

According to the research by Morten Just, Google Chrome on macOS, SafariUses 10 times more RAM than Google’s use of Chrome both as a data collection tool and Chrome’s acting as an operating system actually triggers a serious RAM consumption.

I felt the need to do research while listening to podcasts

Morten Just he states: “The fan started working so loudly that I barely started to hear the Podcast I was trying to listen to. After closing all Chrome tabs, the fan noise went down and became completely silent. By installing a new macOS on the virtual machine, I ran a test with 2 tabs and then 54 tabs. I ran a test with Chrome extensions disabled” says. In the browser twitter, Gmail While doing the test, Chrome uses 1 GB of RAM in the 2-tab test, while Safari consumes only 80 MB of RAM.

Performing the same tests by running Big Sur, Just noticed that the result was worse on the Mac with i9 processor and 32 GB RAM. We do not know if Google Chrome’s unstable operation and high RAM memory consumption are not only for Windows PCs, but it has been proven that Chrome is destroying operating system performance.


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