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10 Series Recommendations That Does Not Leave Phosphorus in the Brain

by tenderpuls
İzlerken Anlamaya Çalışmaktan Beyinde Fosfor Bırakmayan 10 Dizi Önerisi

We have listed the TV series that you will not only have fun while watching, but also theorize and make you think.

Nowadays, with the increase of online streaming services and platforms, we watch more TV series and movies than before. Some viewers choose to watch 20-30 minute TV series or movies called “snacks”, while others are watching at the same time. suggestive TV series and movies they love to watch

Some TV shows do not directly tell the audience what is happening. Some do it with subtext, while others give the whole plot at the end of the series. We are also for you, you will watch like you solve a puzzle, We have listed the series where you will sometimes confuse who is who, and sometimes question which timeline you are on. Have a good time already!

Watching series suggestions that catch your brain:

  • Legion
  • Westworld
  • Dark
  • Utopia
  • Black Mirror
  • OA
  • Fringe
  • Sense 8
  • Russian Doll
  • American gods


  • Genre: Action, Drama, Science-Fiction
  • Director: Noah Hawley
  • Actors: Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller, Aubrey Plaza
  • Release date: 2017 – 2019
  • IMDB score: 8.2

The main character of the series, David Haller, schizophrenia a young man who is “allegedly”. The series we watch the adventures of Haller, who discovers the powers that will change his life forever after a strange encounter, is so confusing that you may have to stop and think about it to understand some scenes. The music used in the show, the colors in the scenes and the shots offer an experience you have never seen in any series before.


  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Science-Fiction
  • Director: Lisa Joy, Jonathan Nolan
  • Cast: Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, Ed Harris
  • Release date: 2016 – …
  • IMDB score: 8.6

Filmed in 1973 and adapted to the series in 2016, Westworld is one of the boldest TV series in the world series history. Many in social criticism Westworld takes place in an amusement park designed for adults and full of human-like robots. Westworld, which tells the story of robots that started to become conscious thanks to people who come to the park and find the robots the right to do whatever they want, makes its audience question ethics and moral rules.


  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Director: Baran bo Odar, Jantje Friese
  • Cast: Louis Hofmann, Karoline Eichhorn, Lisa Vicari
  • Release date: 2017 – 2020
  • IMDB score: 8.8

Dark, one of the most watched productions on Netflix, tells about a series of events that started with the disappearance of a child and affected the whole town. As the series tells, the secrets of the town begin to emerge one by one. Many in the series flashback Family ties begin to emerge that will confuse you after a while. But it’s not just family ties that will confuse you, but time paradoxes.


  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Science-Fiction
  • Director: Dennis Kelly
  • Cast: Adeel Akhtar, Paul Higgins, Neil Maskell
  • Release date: 2013 – 2014
  • IMDB score: 8.4

Although Utopia came out in 2013, it is a series far ahead of its time. A group of people who met on the internet in Utopia, which is a completely unique production with its subject, scene shots and visuals, discovered a strange comic book with mysterious answers. “The Network” We watch them being followed by a ruthless organization named after them.

We do not give information about the second season of Utopia, which has completely different topics of the 2 season, as it will miss a surprise about the plot.

Black Mirror

  • Genre: Drama, Science-Fiction, Thriller
  • Director: Charlie Brooker
  • Cast: Daniel Lapaine, Hannah John-Kamen, Michaela Coel
  • Release date: 2011 – …
  • IMDB score: 8.8

For Black Mirror, which is also a popular Netflix production The bravest TV series in the world We can mention as. This strange series, each episode directed by different directors, containing different topics and giving different messages, presents a production that the audience will never forget. With its messages, scenes and striking visuals, the name of the production, which includes the effects of technology on people in general, comes from the fact that the technological screens appear as a black mirror when they are turned off.


  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery
  • Director: Zal ​​Batmanglij, Brit Marling
  • Cast: Brit Marling, Jason Isaacs, Scott Wilson
  • Release date: 2016 – 2019
  • IMDB score: 7.9

Unlike any series on the resurrections and sects we’ve watched before, OA, 7 years ago, disappeared blindly. The story of the Prairie return home we watch. After her disappearance, returning home as a teenage girl in her 20s isn’t the only talent Prairie has gained. About the completely changed Prairie, some call it a miracle, others worry that it might be dangerous.


  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Science-Fiction
  • Director: JJ Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci
  • Actors: Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble
  • Release date: 2008 – 2013
  • IMDB score: 8.4

Fringe is one of the first series to catch the mind and make the viewer think. In the first seasons, a different story is told in each episode and this is linked to a message at the end of the episode; completely different towards the last seasons and a utopian story offers its audience. It is one of the oldest productions in Fringe that the audience will never forget, because of the character developments and the story behind it since the first episode.


  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Science-Fiction
  • Director: J. Michael Straczynski, Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski
  • Cast: Bae Doona, Jamie Clayton, Tina Desai
  • Release date: 2015 – 2018
  • IMDB score: 8.3

In the series about the mental bonding of a group of people who are completely independent from each other in one side of the world, we watch these people find a way to survive without being hunted by those who see it as a threat to the world order. Mentally linked characters can also perform different actions for each other, which makes the series even more confusing.

Russian Doll

  • Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama
  • Director: Leslye Headland, Natasha Lyonne, Amy Poehler
  • Cast: Natasha Lyonne, Charlie Barnett, Greta Lee
  • Release date: 2019 – …
  • IMDB score: 7.9

In this production, which is a Netflix series not known by many people and therefore not watched much, the lead character is constantly dying. On her own birthday! The main character, who enters an endless cycle that he cannot make sense of, tries various ways to break this cycle. A series with resurrections and endless loops makes it very difficult to watch. Russian Doll, the only comedy series on the list, sometimes upset its audience.

American gods

  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery
  • Director: Bryan Fuller, Michael Green
  • Cast: Ricky Whittle, Emily Browning, Yetide Badaki
  • Release date: 2017 – …
  • IMDB score: 7.8

American Gods, where we watch the story of Shadow, a recently released prisoner meeting a mysterious man who calls himself Wednesday and knows more about Shadow’s life and past than he seems. to mythological events and characters also gives place. There are many references to America in this series, which asks the audience the question of who is a mythological character and who is a human while watching. Like Legion, American Gods is one of a kind in terms of visual effects, plot, story and colors used in the series.

We have come to the end of our list of TV series that will burn your brain while watching. If you watch them all without asking yourself any questions, you can also take a look at our list of “10 Netflix Movies That Make a Reverse Corner with Their Ends” and try to guess the end of the movies!

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