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YouTube Tests Two New Features

by tenderpuls

YouTube comes up with new features from time to time to offer different earning methods to YouTubers who produce content on the platform. According to the latest statements, the platform is preparing to offer new opportunities to content producers with some new features that it is currently testing.

Nowadays, YouTube is a must in daily life for both content producers and ‘just viewers’. Although it has a different structure than other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, YouTube to keep up with current changes constantly renews itself.

Content producers, who keep the platform alive during this development period, also do not stop looking for new ways of earning for ‘business partners’. We know the most basic way of earning Apart from ads, there are many features on YouTube that creators can profit from. The latest statements are from YouTube working on new features is showing.

Two new ways to earn: YouTube Applause and YouTube Shopping

There are two new features that YouTube will launch all over the world very soon for this purpose. The first of these features is that it has been tested for a while and allows donations to broadcasters, just like on platforms like Twitch. YouTube Applause feature. With this feature, users will be able to donate to the content producers they want to support over the video they want.


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Another feature of ours is that it has been tested in the past months and offers users the opportunity to shop on YouTube. YouTube Shopping feature. With this feature, direct purchases can be made from content producers’ videos. Thus, YouTubers, who allow the products to be sold by including the products in their videos, will have a profit from here. The feature, which is still in beta testing, all over the world in the coming months expected to be available.

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