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Steam Banned Developer Who Made His Name Too Positive

by tenderpuls

The independent developer who came to the agenda by setting the developer and publisher name on Steam as “Very Positive” was banned from Steam. The developer, accused of manipulation, states that while he does not deny the charges against him, he continues to talk to Steam.

In a news we shared with you recently, on Steam “Emoji EvolutionWe mentioned the developer of a game called “. Awake developer, on the listing page on Steam”Very Positive“Using the (Very Positive) name, he aimed to make this game seem very popular to careless players, and his goal was achieved. However, Valve took action after the incident came to light.

Steam did not make an official statement on the issue, but closed the account of the developer in question. As such, the game in question, Removed from Steam. When we reach the listing page of the game, we see that there is a redirect to the main page. In other words, Steam prevented the developer from bringing his game to the fore with this move. The developer of the game has reached To Vice editors made some explanations.

“I didn’t think it would be a problem”

The developer states that the episode on Steam that informs the players and the name of the company that developed and published the game have the same color tone. The developer, realizing that there are no restrictions when writing the name, thinking you can turn it in your favormeans that he did such a thing. However, when the independent developer, developer and publisher made their name “Very Positive”, they never knew that they would be in trouble with Steam and their account would be closed. did not think.


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Steam itself accused of manipulating The independent developer denies the charges altogether. Stating that he is in contact with Steam on the subject, the developer says that this name can be used by anyone unless there is any restriction, so the story of Emoji Evolution is here. that you may not have ended says. However, this seems like a distant dream. If there is a new development on the subject, we will continue to convey to you.

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