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MagSafe Supported Charging Case for iPhone 12 is Under Development

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It has been revealed that Apple has developed a MagSafe-powered charging case for the iPhone 12 family. According to the claim put forward by Mark Gurman, this cover has been developed for at least 1 year, but the continued overheating problem may cause the cover to be shelved.

US-based technology giant Apple’s new for iPhone 12 family MagSafe supported It turned out that he was developing a new cover. The claim made by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman could not be verified by Apple, but the fact that iOS 14.5 has a similar situation in its source code suggests that Apple may indeed be developing such a product. According to Gurman, studies on this sheath, for at least 1 year continues.

The case Apple is working on is only available for iPhone 12 via MagSafe. extra battery offers the possibility. It is also reported that this product, which is under development, does not serve as a complete cover. This means that the overall design of the product to be released may be slightly different from the accessories Apple has produced so far. However, this charging case project interruption There is also the possibility.

The case and iPhone stick together very tightly

With the introduction of the MagSafe technology, some users find that this technology magnetically adhesiveness status They said he was weak. According to Mark Gurman, Apple was also aware of this and ensured that the charging case it was developing adheres much more tightly to the iPhone. However, Gurman said that the performance of this cover is not good enough. with overheating problem He says that if the problem cannot be solved, Apple may abandon this case.


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Developer beta of iOS 14.5 reviewing source codes the developers were able to prove that such a cover exists. However, it is not clear at the moment whether the cover mentioned in the source code and the cover being developed are the same or whether different products are mentioned. Expressing that he reached an Apple employee on the subject, Gurman, unfortunately, that you couldn’t get an answer states.

Conversely, the future of wireless charging technology is uncertain

Another point that Gurman draws attention to is the iPhone 12, but not activated. reverse charge technology. Saying that Apple continues to search for solutions on this issue, Gurman said that the feature, which has been planned since 2019, will be available to users in the near future. may not be available it states. We can already say that this technology will be emphasized the most in the promotional event of the iPhone, where this feature will be announced ready for use …

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