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In Turkey CS: GO Fans, Twitter Agenda

by tenderpuls

Gamers on Twitter in Turkey, a former Silicon Valley executive Dr. Turkey Taylan Star e-Sports Federation President Alper Ozdemir’s leadership launched a hashtag Afshar operation. Players can now, with the announcement of audio and Turkey Valve’s CS: GO server they want to establish.

Twitter users in our country made a remarkable agenda item one of the trend topics as of morning hours. “#ValveComeToTurkey“As we face in disposable tweet about this article, the problem is the video game giant Valve’s request to come to Turkey. So Twitter Turkey Why is there such an agenda item on your agenda? What exactly do gamers want from Valve?

Of Valve’s most popular game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) we all know. Released in 2012, the game laid the foundations of e-sports for those years. In addition, even though the players were rebelling because of cheating, they could not give up on this game. Of course, this situation is also valid in our country, and as such, the players in our country are now their voices to be heard they want

justified rebellion of Players: Let’s turn on the server in Turkey

We are not in a position to discuss the quality of the Internet in Turkey. After all we are all in the same boat and exist internet infrastructure It is a well-known fact that it is insufficient especially for the players. In addition, being away from Valve’s servers causes high ping issues in online CS: GO matches. Both the insufficiency of the internet infrastructure and the distance to the servers, latency exceeds 100 ms leads. Gamers in other countries only 5 ms They can enjoy a unique CS: GO experience with minimal latency.


Contract of Turkish CS: GO Player Woxic Playing in Cloud9 Has Been Terminated Due To A General Problem In Our Country

That’s why they wanted to open the server from Turkey Valve gamers in our country, this fully. Former Silicon Valley ruler Dr. Taylan Yildiz e-Sports Federation with the President of Turkey Alper Afsin Ozdemir‘S leadership launched the hashtag in the study come to Turkey Valve’s CS: GO is asked for setting up servers. Till the end is right Gamers believe that they will have a much better CS: GO experience if the server is opened.

Here are some posts about the “#ValveComeToTurkey” tag




Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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